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The Alipay Dragonfly also supports one yard plus

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-03
As for the weighing and cash register scale, almost all stores, no matter in restaurants or retail stores, need to use it. Fruit stores need to weigh fruit, snack stores need to weigh snacks, let alone fresh supermarkets, which have more kinds of goods, need to weigh grains, vegetables, fruits, snacks, etc. before cash register. For the shopkeeper, we should not only purchase electronic weighing scales, but also purchase and configure intelligent cash register, so as to integrate the cash balance and weighing. Therefore, the cash register weighing machine has also been launched on the market, which can avoid the trouble of customers queuing twice, reduce the queuing time, and also reduce the purchase cost and space occupied by the shopkeeper to purchase the independent weighing scale and intelligent cash register. Now the sweep code payment and the cash payment occupy the mainstream in the small consumption scenes, such as fruit shop, spicy hot shop, and some small shop owners may directly print Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay receiving two-dimensional code. But sometimes the two-dimensional code is pasted too much, which is inevitably too messy and not beautiful. If it is a large supermarket or chain store, it is more necessary to carry out centralized collection and data upload for store sales and purchase, sales and inventory, so intelligent cash register is still necessary in these scenarios. I had lunch in a Malatang store the other day. Holding a plate of food materials in hand, there are long lines in the small food store, even it is difficult to turn around. Finally, it's my turn to pay. I need to hold the vegetable basket in one hand and take out my mobile phone to scan the code for payment in the other hand. At that time, I thought, if Malatang shop can support face painting payment, how good? In this way, you don't have to free up your hand to pay, and you can speed up the queue. For the operators of Malatang store, fruit store and fresh supermarket, the intelligent cash register that best meets their needs should be the intelligent cash register that can support the integration of cash collection and weighing, code scanning payment and face brushing payment. The intelligent cash register that meets these requirements is often too large and takes up a lot of space. With the Alipay dragonfly F1 brush face cash register open applet function and the introduction of cloud payment services, Alipay dragonfly F1 brush face cash register has upgraded in function and scene. The compact and lightweight Alipay dragonfly F1 has plenty of interfaces, which can be connected to the electronic scale, one second change and the cash register weighing machine. Compared with the general cash register weighing machine, Alipay dragonfly F1 external electronic said, it can also achieve brush face payment and self service cash register. Alipay dragonfly F1 opens the cloud payment function, it can support one yard and more money, and does not need to post the two-dimensional code of different receipts. Let alone Alipay dragonfly F1 itself through Alipay platform, it can help store members to realize more value-added services such as member management and light members. For the store owner, the intelligent cash register, which combines face painting payment and cash collection weighing, can reduce the amount of work done by the store staff, and is more convenient to free hands to cook food and pack fruits and vegetables.
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