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The application prospect of the integrated visitor

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-08
In the current crowded situation, especially during holidays, the number of tourists is increasing. In parks or other tourist attractions, even the progress and exit of stations, it is often the appearance of good people. The crowding of the staff makes the staff of the ticket check-in work under great pressure. Sometimes there will even be a wrong ticket check, which will of course affect the efficiency of travel, however, these problems will be solved on the one-in-one visitor. The technology of combining human and evidence is more and more favored by security departments, because it can simultaneously carry out face recognition and certificate recognition, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of impostor and reducing security risks. The principle of the person-card integration system is to obtain the head portrait and text information of the certificate through the hardware device of the certificate identification or OCR identification, and the camera on the side will take the head portrait of the individual, after the recognized and collected images are transmitted to the background of the system, they are matched with applications such as face recognition to verify whether the person and the certificate match, that is, the person and the certificate are integrated. It is also the convenience equipment such as the one-in-one visitor plane that makes ticket checking and certification not cumbersome, but also greatly improves the inspection efficiency and accuracy, therefore, the witness-in-one visitor is a valuable equipment. It is mainly used in bus stations, airports, high-end residential areas, government buildings, gas stations and other scenes. Especially in places such as beishangguangshen, the floating population is huge, and our ID card is generally valid for 10 years, but with the passage of time, the face will also change greatly, however, this is difficult for people to distinguish with naked eyes, so it is very important to accurately and quickly identify the unity of oneself and certificates. The technology of combining human and evidence has shown irreplaceable practical effects. Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise group. The company's products mainly include: the combination of people and witnesses to visit the aircraft; Intelligent touch Android all-in-one machine, intelligent touch POS machine, touch Windows intelligent terminal, intelligent digital photo frame, stand-alone and online advertising machine, industrial network equipment and commercial display equipment, video greeting card, professional clock machine, and customized electronic products for major customers. The company has three technology centers combining production, teaching and research in Xi 'an, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley of the United States. Sixty-one engineers are engaged in software and hardware customization and development and product front-end research across time zones. Focus on the R & D, manufacturing and sales of equipment such as the witness-in-one visitor. The company is also a group of intelligent advertising machines and intelligent digital photo frames, providing complete machines, boards and overall solutions.
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