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The application trend of new retail scenarios in 2020 includes self-service terminals in addition to English

The application trend of new retail scenarios in 2020 includes self-service terminals in addition to face-brushing payment!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-20
Entering the new year, the mobile payment and online payment application Working Committee of the China Payment and Clearing Association has investigated 153950 surveys, and more than 88% mobile payment users know'Brush face payment' This concept, 84,4% users have the willingness to use biometric payment methods. After the popularity of face-brushing payment in the past year, it has been recognized to a certain extent. Although the current mainstream is still the scan code payment method, most mobile payment users believe that the bus subway and hospital are the most mobile payment scenarios that should be strengthened at present. The popularity of face-brushing payment has also begun to promote the use of unmanned self-service terminals. In the past, some scenarios that require manual verification, such as the station gate security check that requires ID card verification, the examination room that requires witness comparison, and the scene that requires ID card information registration for hotel check-in. In the past, even if there was an ID card reading device, it would be difficult to ensure that the cardholder is the owner of the certificate without the supervision of the staff. For example, if a person finds an ID card on the road and uses this ID card to apply for a loan, but no one checks whether the ID card is himself, it is easy to cause the loss of the ID card owner. With the improvement of face recognition and face-brushing payment technology, it can fill the loopholes in this area. Through intelligent hardware such as face recognition equipment and Alipay Dragonfly face cash register, 3D face recognition technology can be used for accurate and efficient face recognition, witness comparison and identity information verification. Face recognition and face payment are completed within one second without the operation of the staff. This can even be extended to application scenarios such as catering retail and even traffic security. Take the self-service vending machine and the self-service cash register as examples, the customer's identity can be identified through face recognition, and the member's identity can be automatically identified without brushing the membership card, thus strengthening the stickiness between the merchant and the member customer, reduce the loss rate of goods that people pay attention to in unmanned retail. At present, many supermarkets have introduced self-service cash registers with the function of face-brushing payment, which is based on the advantages of improving the efficiency of cash receipts and customer interaction. In addition to catering retail hit'Brush face payment''Self-service cashier' In terms of intelligent transportation, self-help face brushing also plays an increasingly important role. On 2018, Guangdong Foshan Nanhai bus passenger station launched an intelligent information passenger station from ticket purchase to boarding integration. How do they realize unmanned self-help intelligent transportation? Tickets can be purchased online or at the self-service ticket vending machine in the station. A variety of self-service ticket purchasing methods are available. You can enter the station by brushing your ID card and brushing your face. The face recognition gate of the station can support the functions of ID card reading and face recognition. After comparing the person's certificate and confirming the ticket purchase information, the gate can be opened automatically without manual operation by the staff, improve the smooth entry and exit of passenger flow in the station. Passengers with large bags and small bags of luggage, brushing the face of the station can liberate the passengers' hands, and it is more convenient to enter and exit the station. In the past, the cost of introducing Face-brushing payment and self-help cash register was relatively high, while with Alipay, WeChat and other Internet leaders taking the lead, the face-brushing payment cash register has also become an intelligent cash register device that ordinary stores can afford, and through the development of dragonfly mini programs, it can also develop functions such as self-service cash register, self-service ordering, light membership, cloud payment, etc. , so as to provide operators and users with a smarter, more diversified and more efficient use experience.
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