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The benefits of Shenzhen intelligent POS cash register manufacturers to physical merchants-PTKSAI-im English

The benefits of Shenzhen intelligent POS cash register manufacturers to physical merchants

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-22
As a mobile communication operator of China's size *, China Mobile responded positively and implemented it promptly. Immediately announced the launch of 12 new measures to speed up and reduce fees. It is expected that by the end of 2015, the comprehensive charges for traffic will drop by more than 35% year on year, and the network capacity and network rate will be greatly increased. And in this year's full promotion of 10 yuan 1GB night, holiday traffic package; 4G traffic card, 50 yuan contains 2GB of national traffic, a decrease of 50%. At this time, the launch of the speed-up and fee-reduction project has made China Mobile's business outlets crowded. In order to provide better service guarantee for the speed-up and fee reduction action, Shenzhen took the lead in launching the cash register procurement project. Shenzhen pos cash register ptksaiE series Integrated cash register successfully won the bid, boosting the realization of speed-up and fee reduction, what are the benefits for physical merchants? At present, the ptksai cash register is launched in Shenzhen. This E-series integrated cash register, in addition to maintaining the advantages of the ptksai integrated cash register, such as ultra-thin screen, small occupied area and high degree of integration. The powerful expansion performance has once again been fully demonstrated, making a technical breakthrough in credit card payment. New payment models such as WeChat payment and Alipay payment can of course be seamlessly connected. Ptksai's E-series integrated cash register is characterized by its innovative UnionPay payment support function, which optimizes the UnionPay payment process and saves time and security. In the past, consumers and cashiers were not willing to choose or be chosen this payment method because of the complicated process, long time and frequent mistake of brushing the amount. After the joint development of ptksai cash register, cash register software and UnionPay POS cash register, credit card payment is no longer troublesome. Scan goods (Or enter the amount of the product) After that, the amount seen on the customer display is the amount of the card. The cashier does not need to manually enter the credit card amount again, and the collection amount has been accurately synchronized to the financial POS machine at the same time of statistical settlement. It not only simplifies the process, improves the efficiency of the cash register, but also completely eliminates the property loss caused by the cashier's mistake. The ptksaiE series of integrated cash registers were designed to proactively consider the user's expansion needs at the beginning of the design, and innovative research and development of I/O interfaces with powerful performance, it also ensures perfect compatibility with software and cash register peripherals. This cooperation between ptksai and China Mobile has created a milestone leap in the application of ptksai cash register in the communication industry, which clearly and eloquently shows ptksai's market competitiveness and brand reputation. It is believed that as a national high-tech enterprise famous for its scientific and technological innovation capability, ptksai will adhere to independent innovation and research and development and continue to export higher quality products to users, to provide a more world-leading POS cash register information solution, so that China's POS reputation in the world.
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