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The brush face payment on 2019, follow the trend and keep pace with the times-PTKSAI-img English

The brush face payment on 2019, follow the trend and keep pace with the times!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-21
Time flies, and in a twinkling of an eye, there is only one day left in 2019. In the coming year of 2019, both enterprises and individuals are striving to build a dream voyage. For Bosch, a high-tech company focusing on intelligent hardware customization, the most proud thing in 2019 is the many face-brushing payment systems independently developed and produced. Looking back on the mobile payment market in 2019, after experiencing the rapid development of scan code payment, brush face payment gradually invaded people's vision, it has been highly appreciated and greatly recognized by stores and customers. Many shops have introduced face-brushing payment equipment under the mighty tide of face-brushing payment, which can be completed in a few seconds. It eliminates the trouble of not being able to scan the code to pay because the mobile phone has no electricity or no signal. According to the data released by Alipay United fly pig net, 2019'Eleven' During the golden week, overseas mobile payment also reached a new high, with per capita payment of nearly 2500 yuan, up 14 yuan year on year, and the amount of single consumption increased by 11% year on year. Under the impetus of the big environment, the two payment giants Alipay and WeChat have launched various'Alipay Dragonfly'And'WeChat Frog' All of them are gradually laying out the face-brushing payment market. At the same time, they also adopt subsidy strategies to help businesses establish hardware facilities and cultivate consumers' face-brushing payment habits. In addition, many other biotechnologies are also gradually exploring into the payment field, including voiceprint, eye print, palm print, etc. In particular, voiceprint technology, according to relevant experts, due to the low hardware cost of acquisition equipment (Ordinary microphone) It is difficult to forge, and it is likely to become a biometric technology that can be applied in financial payment products as soon as possible after fingerprints and faces. This shows that the future mobile payment will become more and more diversified and convenient. Boshit technology will have a long way to go in expanding the field of biometric technology.
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