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The cash register of choose and buy a few points! 【 Novice shop will see 】

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-12
With the advent of the era of intelligence, the new retail became more and more people focus on a topic. Smart cash register as the indispensable intelligent checkout equipment such as supermarkets, convenience stores, with the advantages of convenient and quick, high efficiency get unprecedented attention to the market, the cash register manufacturer also ushered in the huge market opportunity, many brand register also arises at the historic moment. For businesses, in the face of the numerous cashier software on the market brand, brand, the cash register in the choice, seems to have presented the tough choices. Then, the businessman before the purchase of a cash register, actually need to pay attention to what issues? ! Below we together to analyze and discuss! Image: shenzhen the purchase of 1, understand the cash register, when attempting to some cash registers are probably only in the aspect of cashier is heavy, if its area is larger and traffic is bigger, the need to consult factory, choose function increase, payment of cash register. Usually, smart cash register is set store data management, operations management, marketing management as a whole. 2, the function of cash register matching is said today's cash register with the data management, data statistics, data analysis, etc stores data management function, but about purchasing cash register for the cashier, or purchasing initiative only do simple cashier register. Ordinary request about the cashier is can stop the cashier can accurately, won't have more to its data disposal, data demand analysis, data statistics, etc, from the perspective of cashier, procurement of the cash register at least have 1 g memory, hard disk to store the data of cashier, 8 gb of memory, and the problem that the efficiency of thinking to the cashier, if in a cashier frequent condition, response speed to keep up with the cash register, will greatly affect the efficiency of cashier, thereby reducing the experience of consumers. 3, in the case of acceptable price, try to choose local manufacturers to buy local manufacturers price relative online for a little bit more expensive, but local manufacturer advantage is after-sales service guarantee. Encounter problems can feel free to contact the factory use process on-site maintenance.
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