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The difference between a clear machine and a clean machine in the POS machine industry

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-14
The difference between the first clear machine and the second clear machine in the POS machine industry with the diversified development of modern products, the products in the financial circle are endless, for example, stocks, futures, options, gold, commemorative coins, loans and so on in the financial market, let's talk about the mobile POS market in the financial market. As we all know, the difference between POS machines is that loans are more standardized, strict and standardized after the NPC and CPPCC sessions. Many non-standard small loan companies have closed down, transformed and transformed, making the financial market clean up again. The POS market is also the same. The traditional wired POS machine that was popular in the market before, but now, in order to facilitate the use of customers or merchants, it is derived from the mobile POS machine, there is no doubt that this kind of financial product must have a smart phone. In addition, it must have a handy card swiping device, which can be used in common through Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone, in this way, online mobile phone payment, financial management, online credit card and other functions can be realized. The difference between the POS machine and the POS machine in the POS machine, but when I visited the market, I also found a lot of problems. I remember once I pretended to be a POS machine salesman and said to a boss: Hello, boss, I am a POS salesman of XX company, I think. . . . As a result, I didn't finish my words and the boss said no, I didn't want it. I looked at it with a look of dislike and resentment. Later, after I revealed my identity, the young boss said to me: in fact, there were POS machines on the market in 2016. At that time, I felt very good. The rate was much lower than the loan, and it was convenient to use. It took a while, I haven't had any problems. Of course, this is what I don't quite understand. When I used it for about six or seven months, the Bank of Communications sent me a message, it is said that my credit card has been reduced because of bad consumption. I also argued with the bank to go to the phone to verify, * final confirmation, because the bank's credit information system shows that, most of my consumption records during this period are problematic, saying that the bank's running bills and consumption records are not uniform. Remember * once, the more than 10 thousand yuan that I brushed did not go to my account, I don't know where the money went, looking for a bank, the bank staff said that because you are not regular consumption, we have no right to deal with such matters; Looking for the salesman, the phone was not answered. Later, I discovered that I used an irregular POS machine. * my credit card was canceled. I hated this kind of POS machine, but it was convenient at the time, * but I have a problem with my credit information. Manager Zhang said angrily. From the above information, it can be seen that although it is very convenient to brush POS machines by hand, bad businesses in the POS machine market have taken advantage of the loopholes, so where has the money gone? The difference between POS machines is that with the improvement of people's living standards and the increase of credit card users, the use of POS machines is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, some long-term investors focus on the POS machine agency industry. However, how to choose POS agents has also become a problem that puzzles investors. Let me introduce to you the essential differences between third-party payment agents and bank agents. The difference between a clear machine and a POS machine in a POS machine, first of all, let's talk about why there is a third-party payment. * At the beginning, POS machine business was still a monopoly industry of banks. People had very high conditions for handling POS machines, requiring not only the integrity of data, but also the registered capital of enterprises and units, the monthly transaction volume has certain requirements, the audit is relatively strict, and the processing time is relatively long. * The main thing is that banks regard POS machine business as a chicken rib industry, and the profit point is not here either. In addition, the laying Cost of POS machine itself and the later service are difficult to keep up, therefore, banks gradually began to give up POS machines to handle business. It was at this time that the central bank issued payment licenses to 28 domestic enterprises, so the third-party payment POS agent was born. The difference between POS machines
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