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The difference between member management system

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-27
In the face of all kinds of cash collection systems in the market, the traditional manual bookkeeping has been gradually eliminated, and the intelligent cash collection system is becoming more and more popular, which provides businesses in the fierce market environment with living tools and methods. In the face of the selection of these intelligent cash collection systems, some businesses choose the main cash collection management and data statistics cash collection system, and some businesses choose a full-featured membership management system, so what is the difference between these two products? On the surface, many people will one-sided understand that the cash register system is for cash register, and the member management system is for member management, but in fact, it is fallacious. 1. On the surface, the difference between the two: the cash register system is mainly used for cash register, which can accurately calculate and record the account of the merchant, and is a good helper for the merchant to check out the customer. Its configuration is generally a cash register plus a scanning gun, and the cash register is equipped with a cash register system. When the customer consumes, the system automatically calculates the price membership management system after scanning the goods as the name suggests Is to help businesses manage their members, that is, to manage their customers. Member management system is an inevitable product of economic development. At present, member management system is not only for managing members, it has developed into a comprehensive system, including member management, commodity management, inventory management, member marketing, statistical analysis and other functions. Of course, the current membership management system also includes cash collection function, which can not only meet the enterprise cash collection function, but also manage some business needs of daily stores. 2. The difference between the two functions: most of the cash register systems and the cash register systems initially installed in the cash register are relatively traditional, with obvious limitations of store management, lack of some marketing functions required by many stores, and the functions are only limited to the most routine management. The member management system not only includes the function of cash register, but also includes the function of other store management software. It can also be used for cash register, statistical analysis and various member marketing. 3. Cost performance comparison between the two: the purchase of cash register software is only the function of cash register software, but the purchase of member management system can not only be used for member management, but also It can be used for cash collection, employee management, etc., so buying a member management system is equivalent to buying a lot of other management software, making money for a set of software, and using all the functions of the software, which can be described as 'one arrow, many carves'.
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