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The dry goods are full! 2019 China POS industry event

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-26
Time passes like a fleeting horse. In an instant, 2019 is near the end. As a member of POS machine enterprise, facing the rapid change of market environment, the whole POS machine industry with uncertain future, have you ever felt confused and at a loss on the way to the future? Have you ever tried your best to explore, but you have never got much? If your answer is yes, 2019 China POS industry annual meeting will be a feast for you. On December 19 & mdash; 20, the third China POS industry annual meeting in 2019, hosted by China POS network, will be held in Yilin Holiday Hotel, Guangzhou. The annual meeting is composed of three parts: China POS industry president forum and Android POS Summit Forum, China POS industry upstream and downstream suppliers and manufacturers docking meeting, and the annual meeting large dinner party. At present, the registration of the annual meeting is in full swing. Based on the industry, directly hit the pain point. In the high-profile China POS machine industry enterprise president forum and Android POS Summit Forum, experts and scholars in the POS industry and hundreds of enterprise executives from all over the country will make a sound one by one, focusing on the current mainstream problems that lead to the difficult situation of enterprises in the development process of the POS machine industry to conduct a very in-depth discussion and analysis, and propose effective solutions to the problems. Whether experts and scholars or business executives, they have rich experience and unique vision; or they have experienced a long time and are outstanding. As the industry leader, they have a deep vision to the whole POS industry. The industry solutions they put forward will play a finishing point and boost the development of the whole POS industry. The difficulties of POS industry lie behind the enterprise's troubles. The original intention of the annual POS industry meeting is to help enterprises solve the industry barriers. In the face of many difficulties in the industry, rather than looking forward to the coming of a turnaround, enterprises should take the initiative to participate in the annual meeting without hesitation. There are always difficulties, but the annual meeting is only held once a year. Only when we start, can we get practical and effective industry solutions, and gain the successful experience of famous enterprises! &'When you climb a mountain, you know the height of the mountain; when you are near the sea, you know the vastness of the sea';. If you don't come, how do you know there is no solution for you? On December 19, we will see you in Guangzhou!
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