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The era of mobile payment of the new world HR15 handheld barcode scanner application characteristics and price

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-12
Now so fast development, mobile payment is more and more big, the permeability of the streets of a variety of shops can satisfy the user's mobile payment, from the qr code collection to the barcode scanner. New handheld barcode scanner HR15 solved the mall store cashier trouble, improve the management efficiency. Vision of through its application to know it. New world HR15 belongs to the one dimensional code scanner, it can read all kinds of one-dimensional bar code can be read two-dimensional bar code PDF417 and MicroPDF417 accumulation type; Support USB, RS - at the same time 232 interface, suitable for supermarkets, shopping malls and warehouse logistics environment application. 1, rich interface support USB/RS232 / PS2 three interface, interface requirements to meet customer diversification. 2, strong and durable through IP42 level, can withstand multiple falls to the impact of the concrete. 3, high protection grade professional electrostatic protection and anti-interference design, makes the product can be used in such as tyre plant, machine room environment. Through the above three characteristics, we preliminary understanding to the new world HR15 scanner and its price is in commonly 700, as a wireless scanner, it can more convenient to use in a variety of occasions.
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