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The era of smart canteen brushing face, eating and watching face has come-PTKSAI-img English

The era of 'smart canteen' brushing face, eating and watching face has come!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-19
With the Ministry of Education's 'education informatization 2. With the launch of a series of policies and norms such as the 0 action plan and the National Standard Committee's 'overall construction of smart campus', education informatization has become an important part of the strategy of strengthening the country in education. 'Future Smart Campus'The revolution is accelerating. 'Smart canteen' It is an important activity place for campus life line 3. 1. The special attributes of high frequency and rigid demand make it an ideal entrance for future smart campus. Hit the pain point of the traditional school canteen, through the strong mobile, face payment ability and ERP system, comprehensively open up the data, improve the canteen service efficiency, and help the school to comprehensively control. In terms of dining, students can take their own meals, take the amount as needed, decide the type and amount of dishes independently, and make reasonable nutrition matching, solve the problems of students queuing for meals, unreasonable food collocation and serious waste; Through the technical application of face recognition and big data analysis, students can complete intelligent non-sense payment without bringing a meal card and shorten the queuing time of students. And'Smart canteen' The system can also accurately measure the dishes taken by students each time, accumulate big data of students' meals, form nutrition analysis reports, and give early warning of allergic dishes to individual students to ensure students' food safety, do health management for students, provide dietary advice, and cultivate a healthy diet concept. In terms of management,'Smart canteen' The background management system will conduct big data analysis on the daily meals of teachers and students, generate daily meal reports, provide scientific basis for the canteen to purchase ingredients, and ensure that no ingredients are wasted and no leftovers are left. In addition, every expenditure and income will be recorded to solve the problem of information island and help the campus to manage efficiently. 'Smart canteen' The successful introduction of the system is an important part of the smart campus, which is really realized. Brush face' The era of eating and looking at faces has come. I believe that smart campus will have better development in the future.
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