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The face recognition industry is getting better and better-Ptksai

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-17
At present, the industrialization development of artificial intelligence is in the blowout stage. Some people say that AI has become a social phenomenon. Among them, the development of computer vision represented by face recognition has attracted much attention. Face recognition is a biological recognition technology based on human facial feature information. In recent years, it is getting closer and closer to us, it can be seen in banks, airports, shopping malls, schools and even mobile phones, such as glory, iPhone X and other mobile phones have applied the technology. According to the development status of the face recognition industry, the Industry Research Institute estimates that the size of China's face recognition market accounts for about 10% of the global market for about years, and the size of China's face recognition market is increasing year by year, the average annual compound growth rate reached 27%. 2016 China face recognition industry market scale about for 17. 2. 5 billion yuan, up year on year. 0%. Chart 5: Market size of China's face recognition industry in (Unit: billion yuan) Advantages of face recognition technology compared with other biometric recognition technologies, face recognition technology has unique technical advantages in practicality, mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. Non-contact: the collection of face images is different from that of fingerprints and palmprint, which requires contact with special palmprint collection equipment. The collection of palmprint is not sanitary except for certain wear and tear on the equipment, it is easy to arouse the antipathy of the person being collected, and the equipment for collecting face images is a camera without contact. 2, non-intrusive: the collection of face photos can be automatically photographed by the camera, without the intervention of the staff, and without the cooperation of the collector, just pass the camera in the normal state. 3. Friendliness: a human face is a biological feature exposed after a person is born, so its privacy is not as strong as that of palm print and Iris, therefore, the collection of human faces is not as unacceptable as the palmprint collection. 4, intuitive: we judge who a person is, by looking at this person's face is * intuitive way, unlike the palm print, Iris, etc. need experts in related fields to judge. 5. Fast: it is very fast to collect faces from the camera monitoring area, because its non-intervention and non-contact nature greatly shorten the time for face collection. 6. Simplicity: the front-end camera of face acquisition equipment can be seen everywhere. It is not a special equipment, so it is simple and easy to operate. 7. Good scalability: its acquisition end can completely adopt the camera equipment of the existing video monitoring system, the scalability of back-end applications determines that face recognition can be applied to access control, blacklist monitoring, face photo search and other fields. Analysis of the development characteristics of face recognition Industry 1. The application scope is gradually expanding. With the continuous improvement of face recognition technology, its application field starts from the access control/attendance field, up to now, it has been applied to finance, security and anti-terrorism, education, social entertainment, equipment, access control/Attendance, transportation, intelligent commerce and other fields, and its application scope has gradually expanded. 2. From 2D to 3D at first, face recognition technology was limited to 2D recognition, but because 2D face recognition is easily affected by posture, illumination, expression and other factors, the recognition rate is not ideal, therefore, 3D face recognition came into being. In comparison, 3D face recognition technology not only has high recognition rate, but also is much more convenient to use than 2D face recognition. Domestic mainstream face recognition enterprises and characteristics currently, there are many enterprises engaged in face recognition technology in the global scope, and well-known foreign countries include google, facebook, Stanford, Carnegie, etc; In recent years, many powerful factions have emerged in China, such as ptksai, haikangweishi, HKUST xunfei, Shangtang Technology, Yuncong technology, etc. These domestic mainstream face recognition enterprises have their own characteristics in technical solutions. For example, haikangweishi's face recognition technology, its face recognition system is very good in recognition accuracy, front-end intelligence-Deep, distributed intelligence-Super Brain NVR, Central Intelligence- Haikang Facebook integrates deep learning algorithms, and deep intelligence at the front and back ends provides strong support for face big data applications. Profit model of face recognition currently, face recognition technology companies mainly take enterprise-level technical services and software and hardware sales as profit models. China mainly cooperates with leading enterprises in various industries with B2B2C business model to jointly promote the application and realization of face recognition in various industries. Generally, such companies export technical capabilities to the B- side, and bind the B- side to serve the business growth of the C- Side customers in the mode of sharing, charging by License, charging by technology usage, etc, so as to open the market with the help of B's industry resources. Typical profit model development trend of face recognition in various industries with the rapid development of fingerprint and face recognition applications, biometric applications such as voiceprint, Iris and vein will follow closely. Experts pointed out that in the future, various biometric technologies will be combined and used to keep the security gate. Different biometric technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. The threshold of face recognition technology is low, while fingerprints are * sexual and lifelong. The combination of various biometric methods will be the development direction of the future industry. Conclusion: With the rapid advancement of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the application scenarios of face recognition will become more and more extensive. With the research and development investment of national scientific research institutions, the research of enterprises on technology, and the promotion of the market, these will be signs of a bright future for face recognition. According to industry analysts, face recognition will become the mainstream of effective identity recognition in the future, and face recognition will be a common language at that time. -Ptksai
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