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The face recognition system for kindergarten Transportation adopts the most advanced face recognitio English

The face recognition system for kindergarten Transportation adopts the most advanced face recognition technology

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-29
The face recognition system for kindergarten Transportation adopts the face recognition technology of *. The face recognition system for kindergarten Transportation adopts the face recognition technology of *, which not only solves the problem of identity confirmation for parents of transportation children, moreover, it is convenient for attendance statistics and related management, which greatly meets the urgent needs of parents for the personal safety of young children and solves the worries of parents! Face recognition every child must register the facial feature information of the shuttle (Each child can log in to multiple transporters). Parents who pick up and transport their children need face recognition matching authentication every time they enter and leave school. If the authentication is successful, it can be released. If the authentication fails, the alarm will notify the administrator. During the identification process, photos of parents can also be taken. Detailed time will be recorded for each identification, and photos of parents will be available for inquiry. The system provides an extended function of SMS prompt. Every time a child is sent in and picked up, the system will send a prompt message to the mobile phone designated by the parent to ensure the safety of the child. The system also has automatic analysis capability and can adapt to different environmental changes, including light, season, day and night, sunny and rainy, etc. The face recognition technology system is divided into two schemes: matching scheme and non-matching scheme. The matching scheme adopts advanced embedded face recognition setting as the front end of face recognition, with fast recognition speed, good human-computer interaction performance, Voice name reporting and intuitive recognition effect. Face data can be uploaded to the local server as a backup. The non-matching scheme uses the surveillance camera as the video source for portrait collection, and completes the face detection in the video through the self-developed embedded face recognition video server. Then, through the face recognition monitoring and alarm platform, the recognition and alarm of specific targets are completed. This scheme can also use the video source and video transmission line of the existing monitoring system to enhance the intelligence and usability of the existing monitoring system. Kindergarten face recognition system features the matching scheme adopts embedded front-end recognition machine, which is simple in man-machine interface, friendly and easy to use, non-contact and more sanitary, and avoids cross-infection of diseases; The number of cameras installed in the non-matching scheme is small, the camera only shoots at the entrance and exit, the face resolution is relatively clear, and the recognition accuracy is improved; Face can not be counterfeited, using living face detection, also put an end to the use of photos to identify, there will be no false collar, high security; Once a lawless element impersonates a child through an unqualified route, the terminal will trigger an alarm signal and a photo signal (Take photos of criminals); The system adopts the form of networking and notifies the family members and children of the transportation situation in real time through the short message mode; Each parent is identified only once when entering and leaving the area, and the pressure on the server is low; The non-matching scheme also supports offline verification, which can ensure smooth transportation in case of network congestion and network failure. 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