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The fifth Jiangsu Group Food Industry Development

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-27
face recognition intelligent dining table and weighing software and hardware of leniu buffet, appeared, The 5th Jiangsu group meal industry development conference' is themed with 'smart group meal brand promotion'. It gathers outstanding enterprises, industry experts and scholars in the group meal industry in China, and conducts in-depth discussions on the supply chain management and control, smart canteen and other topics in the group meal industry. Nanjing Xiaoniu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is honored to be invited to participate in this exhibition, displaying a series of products, such as Le Niu face recognition intelligent dining table, Le Niu buffet weighing software and hardware, Le Niu production machine, etc. At the same time, the group meal industry development conference invited the heads of national popular catering, group meal, canteen, student meal and other group meal enterprises, central kitchen product R & D, catering supply chain, food production enterprises, catering materials and equipment supply enterprises, local group meal industry organizations and other relevant experts and scholars to the conference. Group meal industry is recognized as the last blue ocean in the catering industry. Among them, group meal informatization is considered to be an important factor restricting the development of group meal industry. Nanjing Mavericks, as a pioneer of group meal intelligent upgrading, have their own unique views on group meal information. First of all, Nanjing calf smart canteen system provides a strong data support for canteen management. Data is a necessary condition for scientific decision-making. In the past, the level of information is low in canteen management. Because there is no standardized data management, the basic data analysis ability of traditional canteen is poor. For example, when preparing meals, we used to rely on experience to prepare meals. Sometimes it is easy to waste too much. Sometimes it is easy for diners to starve because of less food preparation, and the user experience and cost control are not accurate enough. Secondly, the application of Nanjing calf intelligent canteen system can help the canteen improve its overall operation ability. By improving users' satisfaction with dining, users can eat more canteens, bring more passenger flow, and generate more consumption. By brushing the face to eat, users can settle accounts without feeling, pick up meals intelligently, and reduce the queuing time of picking up meals. Through scientific supervision of food, users can not only eat well, but also eat healthily and safely. Through the scientific management of the smart canteen, we can reduce the cost and improve efficiency, reduce the labor cost of the canteen, and greatly reduce the operating cost of the canteen. Thirdly, building an Internet canteen through Nanjing Mavericks smart canteen system will help improve the dining experience of users, strengthen the interaction and communication between the canteen and users, and help the canteen service optimization and quality improvement. At present, Nanjing Mavericks smart canteen system, as the leading brand of group meal informatization, will continue to dig into the canteen scene, take the satisfaction of users and canteens as the direction of unremitting efforts, strive to build a new 'socialist canteen' with informatization, digitalization and intellectualization, and create 'high technology', 'intellectualization' and 'nutrition and health' for the people &The modern canteen of 'user centered' has made due contributions.
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