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the foot soldiers of modi\'s cashless india

by:PTKSAI     2019-11-06
Harad Sawant, regional business manager of India Trading Services Co. , Ltd. is a selling point Company (POS)
Machine, meet Lakhbir 15 dogra Singh, how much is Jai\'s ice cream vendor selling at the Girgaum stall in Mumbai by Indian soldiers, and persuade him to install POS machine many times, which helps to trade without cash, but don\'t believe it.
\"I am a small supplier, why should I install the POS machine, why do I need it,\" Dogra once asked Sawant . \".
After the evening of November 8, after Prime Minister Modi ordered the abolition of 500 rupees and 1,000 rupees banknotes, the life and business of dongra has changed dramatically.
A few days later, the customer disappeared from Chowpatty.
What\'s worse is that those who come have no money.
Business fell 80%.
Then the customer comes with a credit or debit card.
But there is no way for Dogra to brush these cards.
When Sawant saw Dogra again in November 11, it was the ice cream supplier who urged Sawant to install the machine.
According to Dogra, the era of digital India has arrived.
\"Customers don\'t have cash today.
\"They were prepared to pay with a credit card so I had to choose a POS machine and I invested Rs 25,000 and I was happy to see my business booming again, he added.
\"I can\'t believe that for a mineral water bottle, the digital currency I accept is only Rs 20,\" he said . \".
\"My business has resumed since November 12.
Today, when people pay by credit or debit card, I earn Rs 7,000 per day through POS machines.
\"A few kilometers away, Sawant\'s colleague Ravindra Sonawane was shopping in Mahim, central Mumbai, trying to convince the owner ---even s --
Buy a POS machine without cash.
\"Modi is our idol,\" Sonawane said . \"
\"He made things easy for us.
Before November 8, I had to explain to people what the POS machine was and then do a sales pitch on its strengths to convince them to buy the POS machine.
Now, we all know what the POS machine is and what its advantages are.
\"I have been selling these machines for the past six months,\" he added . \".
\"So far, I have sold 60 pieces, 24 of which were sold after November 8.
\"The owners are ready to watch the machine demo, but some little merchants are not ready to buy POS gadgets yet.
Mohammed Saeed refused to follow Sonawane\'s sale call.
\"My customers came to buy tea and bread.
\"It only cost 17 rupees, why do I need to invest in this machine, it doesn\'t make sense to me,\" he asked . \".
\"The different options for Sonawane to sell POS machines are as follows.
The owner can buy one-
Time fee or machine rental.
The minimum charge shall not exceed Rs 2,500;
Up to Rs 35,000.
The next stop at the Sonawane Sawi store Rohit is kissup Sawi.
\"What is my profit,\" Sawi asked Sonwane after the salesman had marketed and run the demo for it.
After asking about the price of the Sonawane machine, he said he would consult his father and tell the salesman.
Sonwane said optimistically, \"only 2 out of 10 people have listened to my demo in the past.
I saw my demo today. there are more than 6 people.
They are increasingly wondering how the cashless economy works.
\"Although Modi decided in November 8 to curb the digital economy in the direction of black money, statistics from the Reserve Bank of India show that the penetration of POS machines and the price of credit and debit cards are very low.
It is reported that the population in August 2016 was 1.
25 billion of Indians are only about one.
46 million POS machine.
The number of credit card users in India in August is about 2. 63 crore (26. 3 million)
The number of debit card users is about 71. 24 crore (&12. 4 million).
The data does not show whether these people are individual cardholders or whether a person holds one or more credit/debit cards.
I want to install the machine, but I don\'t want to pay 0.
75% the Commission has less than Rs 2,000 credit/debit cards and 1% or more for each transaction if people spend more than 2,000 \"Sonawane.
\"The government has asked credit card companies not to charge commissions until December 30.
\"I feel that if this fee is permanently removed, then more people will go digital,\" he added . \".
Will more Indians accept digital payments? India only accepts the mentality of cash payment \"I don\'t know the mentality \".
But from a demand perspective, everyone is aware that they need some form of digital payment, \"said Deepak Bhutra, CEO of India Trading Services Ltd.
\"Obviously POS and cards are still relevant because people have seen it work around them,\" Bhutra added . \".
\"They are very satisfied with it.
This demand has certainly come, and the mindset depends on the availability of cash and what will happen after the job is over.
\"We see a significant increase in demand,\" he said . \"
\"What I used to register with merchants in a day went up 7 to 8 times after November 8.
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