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The frog Pro independent cashier hot online ~!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-17
Wo au through independent cashier for the frog Pro version debut! Independent cashier system compared with ordinary brush face equipment have what change? Is the interface appearance is different? There will be more convenient service? Come and look at with small grain! ! ! ! Pro WeChat frog grain union general cashier system independently at the same time support sweep brush face + code: added independent system of frog equipment not only can support WeChat brush sweep face + code to pay, and independent system on the basis of the original function, can also support flash pay alipay, cloud and code to pay; Brush a body double screen: the screen before face, state before screen after screen can real-time perception, convenient to guide customers operating; Advanced interactive poster project, the cashier can through interactive materials delivered to the customer after the screen; Including images, video, small procedures and H5, etc. ; Built-in independent keyboard: the cashier is crowded? System face brush device is equipped with independent keyboard, no additional configuration is not extra takes the counter space, convenient, easy to operate; Pay through payment tips and speech: brush face process with voice prompt, don't have to worry about the customer would not be operating; Payment is completed in a timely manner to broadcast collection amount, also don't have to worry about leakage happens. Customers at ease, you also rest assured. Support multiple cashier flexible switch: grain au independent cashier system supports multiple account switching, convenient operator's daily management and analysis. Support custom advertising wheel: independent cashier system supports custom group control advertising, the background can be a key to the remote operation, omit calling to replace the cumbersome process of advertising, to make your marketing more effective.
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