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The function of SMS marketing in member marketing

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-24
Not only the online platform will be used, but now the offline chain stores are in use, such as coffee shop, restaurant, beauty shop, drugstore, cake shop, etc. Because everyone will face such problems as: customers can't stay and have no loyalty; new customers develop slowly; it's difficult for the card holders to renew their contracts when they are due; and the cost of advertising is high. Using member marketing SMS can solve this problem. (member marketing system) what is the role of member marketing system SMS marketing? Application scope of member marketing SMS: member recharge consumption SMS notice, member users' birthday / holiday SMS care, store new product listing, activity information sending, all of which belong to the scope of member marketing SMS; member care service, increase member stickiness, increase repeat purchase rate, and improve customer unit price 。 The role of member marketing SMS 1. Actively push new information of interest to customers, and give customers different personalized customized services. In member marketing, the analysis of customer information is always inseparable from the life cycle: four periods: inspection period (new member), development period, maturity period and recession period. According to different periods of users, we can find out the most interested topics of customers. When there is a new product in this area, we will actively inform customers, which will give customers a different personal service experience. In addition, you can also learn about the different cycles, the user's focus is to set up preferential activities, receive cards with gifts, first order with gifts, first recharge with activities, etc.; points, membership day rights and interests, consumption with gifts, etc.; provide products or services that exceed expectations, and upgrade product services. 2. Provide after-sales value-added services and after-sales care SMS to enhance customer stickiness and loyalty. By means of in-depth mining of points application, implementation of service plan, online and offline multi-channel interaction and transparent consumption, we can make after-sales care customers truly land, and then provide various value-added services for member customers. 3. Promote word-of-mouth marketing to form brand influence. (member distribution system) member marketing SMS can transform loyal customers into fans of businesses. Fans are a very loyal group, which can bring customers with high value and quality, so as to establish the word-of-mouth marketing of businesses' products or services. Word-of-mouth marketing is a very important marketing link in the Internet industry.
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