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The function of the new generation of intelligent brush face pay cash register and advantages 丨 WeChat frog Pro

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-12
In today's rapid development of science and technology, and constantly into the commercial, brought a lot of convenience to people life. The application of face recognition technology has given rise to brush a face to pay the development of the most popular is a payment when the brush face of payment. At present, the brush face payment has already been nationwide, many areas have already introduced brush face to pay. Believe that a lot of customers also feel to face recognition to pay let us convenience and smart, which greatly saves the time of the shopping and improved the shopping experience. So, a new generation of WeChat frog Pro what are the functions and advantages? A new generation of brush face equipment: a new generation of WeChat frog Pro, independent special optical camera, scanner, 3 d structure brush face speed faster, more secure; Before and after the double screen, can be put in the interactive poster, increase the efficiency of the business marketing management. And there is a lot of cashier system docking with the frog WeChat Pro, is the deepening of the retail products, landing WeChat wisdom in addition to supporting brush face pay, also support the brush member of face recognition, to complete the membership registration and consumption. Marketing: wisdom through the cashier system can put the coupons can be put into the frog Pro double screen and businesses within the scope of the 3 km WeChat AD, circle of friends WeChat frog Pro docking system, implementation & other; Entity card + phone number card + WeChat card + face card & throughout; The unity of four members system. Brush face online synchronous users can quickly complete member registration, brush automatic face recognition member information consumption, the system Settings member discount and promotion, member experience is better! Support a brush card prepaid phone, family face common use family the collection mode, which opened a master card can bring more vice card, the whole family, old and young by brush face can easily use the membership card. Online member system data get through, integral, stored value online benefits such as synchronization, help businesses realize new retail marketing model of online guide to each other. Cashier system face recognition: member management system to produce detailed facial recognition member management system face to offer application for registration, facial automatic distinguish, keep the facial recognition membership payment system management function, is advantageous to the customers pay, improve the level of the store service.
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