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The Guides Of Installing Touch Screen POS System In The Restaurant

The Guides Of Installing Touch Screen POS System In The Restaurant


The Restaurant POS system offers the platform for the full hospitality management system that can increase your control, profits, and also save you time by permitting you more productive. Other than cash registers from a restaurant it will assist the business to achieve its objectives in a more effective manner. It is simple to use when you want to eliminate errors between the kitchen and wait staff, and it is basic because it makes you charge everything which has been already been served to a table. With the restaurant touch POS machine, actually, nothing which arrives at a table can go unrecorded when you have POS. Here are the guides on how to install a touch screen POS system in the restaurant.

Regardless of whether you’re the new user, or just upgrading the existing POS machine in the restaurant, you are required to follow the guidelines to make sure you have done it correctly. You are always required to check whether you have an appropriate operating system like Windows 98, 2000 among others.

At a glance, for you to install a touch POS machine in the restaurant this is what you are required:

  POS software is required to be installed to the main PC where every terminal is required to be monitored

  The software normally comes with the CD that is inserted into a PC

  You are required to follow the on-screen instructions for you to download POS software

  A final step which you will have is to connect the hardware which is the card terminals, printers and POS terminals

  When an initial set-up is fully complete then you will take the card payments

  You will then look to the additional features, like inventory control, employee access and customer information


Installation touch screen POS system for the new users in the restaurant

Depending on the restaurant needs, an installer needs to be given an option of the administrator, terminal and the terminal installation. It’s advisable you have the administrator right for the main touch screen POS terminal.

The POS equipment is circulated with the downloadable CD which includes the software needed for your restaurant PC. Insert CD into a PC and then follow the instructions of installing the software. Before you begin to use this software, there are some basic set-up tasks required to be accomplished, for example; entering the license code, transferring the basic information, and linking POS database to software provider.

The next thing which you are required is to connect to the hardware to a restaurant computer. The peripherals include the scanner, cash drawer, and printer which is required be connected through the available USB ports.

The Microsoft Windows wizard detects the hardware and the installation software can be download from the CD offered. Within the instructions of the installation, there is the barcode of scanning if you’re attaching the scanner through the USB port. You will then access the features of the touch POS machine which will then enable the restaurant process the credit card payments.

 PTKSAI-The Guides Of Installing Touch Screen Pos System In The Restaurant

How to upgrade the touch screen POS system

You are first required to check the guidelines in the manual before you start to upgrade the POS software provider. You need to know that, before the installation is done, you will be required to backup and update any data. If you’re changing to the different software provider, the transfer of the data and the data backup is important to avoid the loss of the details before you delete any software and information.


Setting up the POS Network

For the business to give meaningful management report, it’s advised you create the departments within touch POS machine that will follow logical divisions in the restaurant. It’s considered the best practice if you have different departments but not more than twelve or otherwise the reports will become unwieldy. When this is fully done you will then group the activities within the respective departments.


The Customer Information

The POS network will be a powerful information tool gathering when you want to deal with customers. It enables you to know who has bought what, so you will target the marketing towards correct customers. When you want to set-up a POS network then you will be required to give particular consideration on how the customers will be categorized. You will be required the unique identifier for every customer and cell phones which are the best thing when doing this. You will be required to consider the information you require about the customer, the basic thing may be email and address. You also are required to motivate customers to offer you information maybe by offering the discount or the information about future sales.


The employee Access

All the touch POS machines have some limitations on what the users will do on a network. You are required to decide the level of the access and the functionality you’re going to offer to the clerk. For example, who will be permitted to give the discounts, view inventory levels and make the price changes? Also, will the clerks share the cash till or will he or she have the specific one which they’re responsible to balance in the shift end?


The payment types that will be accepted

Many touch POS machines will enable customers the elementary payment ways of a check, credit card, and cash. Some will enable you to have the payment options for the run loyalty card program or gift cards. If you are having the special payment requirements like accepting more currency or accept the food stamps. You will be required to configure the system in the way it is accepting these. The payment methods are required to continually be evolving so that you will look into accepting the Google Wallet and contactless payments.


These guides of installing the touch screen POS system in the restaurant are required to be followed to the end for effective running. You will be required to know which feature of the touch POS machines you will require to be adjusted according to the specifics of your restaurant. As you may be looking on the guideline of how to install the touch screen POS system, you also need to think of the features you will need to have which will be nice whenever you are using.

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