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The industrial three defense handset is well

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-26
As we all know, there are not only many tobacco brand retail outlets all over the country, but also scattered addresses. However, most of the tobacco industry's purchase, sales, distribution and inspection work still stays in the traditional manual operation mode, which is not only high in human cost, low in efficiency, poor in timeliness, but also prone to errors. As an industrial level data acquisition equipment, the industrial three defense handset is widely used in logistics, express delivery, production and manufacturing, retail stores, agriculture and animal husbandry, public utilities and other fields, but also in the supply chain management field of all walks of life. The tobacco industry is the best example. In order to improve the level of information technology in tobacco industry, many tobacco companies improve the efficiency of the whole supply chain management by means of the industrial handheld terminals with the features of data collection, storage, display / feedback, automatic transmission and supporting access to a variety of management software, so as to enhance the effectiveness. In the tobacco industry, the industrial handheld terminal is specifically used in the following aspects: (1) data entry of tobacco purchase: the staff can grade the tobacco sold by the farmers according to the special decentralized collection designated by the system on the data collection terminal (PDA), and input the data of the origin, group, quality and other data of the purchased tobacco, and the unqualified tobacco data will be returned for registration. Tobacco grading: in the same way, real-time confirm the tobacco quality grade through data acquisition terminal (PDA), real-time visualization of all cigarette and tobacco information in the whole process, synchronous update to the system, rapid realization of tobacco precise purchase, and improvement of the tobacco company's supervision and management level of raw materials. (2) Tobacco retail scanning code storage: scanning code to input tobacco information (place of origin, brand, quantity), taking photos of physical objects for archiving, no need to copy records, efficient and accurate. Online billing: online selection of tobacco brands, purchase quantity, use of zkc3503 billing sales. Convenient and fast. Inventory counting: real time update of stock in and out data, clear inventory status, faster and more accurate inventory counting. (3) Accurate delivery: the dispatcher uses the data acquisition terminal (PDA) to view the customer order information of the day, including the customer name, address, number, amount and delivery order, and then arranges the delivery one by one. In transit tracking: using the data transmission function of data collection terminal (PDA), the tobacco in transit status is tracked in real time to ensure accurate, safe and timely logistics distribution and improve the quality of distribution service. (4) Trace and supervise all tobacco production, circulation and sales status entering the market in the whole process, visualize the whole process, and effectively prevent counterfeiting. (5) Inspection and law enforcement personnel use data acquisition terminal (PDA) to collect data related to tobacco monopoly license, real-time docking management system for comparison, and accurately determine the identity of merchants. Use the hand-held terminal to take photos of the business site, obtain the geographical location, and update to the management system synchronously. Greatly improve the efficiency of audit work. From the above application, we can know that data acquisition terminal (PDA) can not only improve the work efficiency and quality of tobacco companies, strengthen the management and control of each link, and help the tobacco industry to achieve information and intelligent development. However, due to the complexity of industrial environment, data acquisition terminals may work in harsh environment, generally with high requirements on performance, stability and battery durability. At the same time, some special designs must be adopted, such as 'three proofing' design, i.e. waterproof, dustproof and anti falling. Therefore, there are many cases of using 'three proofing' handhelds in tobacco industry, such as Shenzhen Rakinda's n5s, mv8, n7000r and other industrial handheld terminals have extremely high protection level, can adapt to a variety of harsh field application environment, and have a service life of more than five years.
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