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The integration of weighing and cashing makes

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-01
If you come home from work one day and have a unfinished dinner, please don't complain because when you go home from work, your family may still be in line to buy vegetables, so you just need to run downstairs to the fresh food supermarket store and tell the boss: you need a set of weighing and cashing integrated fresh food store cash collection system 'flower sister garden' store location: the number of stores in Inner Mongolia : quantity of single store: 500 + fruit has a short shelf life, which requires professional fresh-keeping management. At the same time, it is also necessary to prepare the sales inventory, and complete the sales before the fruit enters the loss period. The sales price in different periods can be set in the cash register software of tiandian, which is convenient to change the price and promote the sales. Super fresh goods are called heavy sales, and the efficiency of weighing cash register is also related to the customer's shopping experience. The retail software of tiandian supports the integration of weighing cash register, with high sales efficiency and customers Pay bills quickly. Wangjiao fresh and convenient supermarket store location: number of stores in Hubei Province: number of commodities operated in a single store: 2000 + Wangjiao convenient and fresh supermarket has a relatively rich variety of businesses and a large demand for grain, oil, vegetables, fruits, etc. the biggest problem to be solved in selecting the cash collection system of sixiantian store is the integration of weighing and cash collection, which improves the efficiency of cash collection; second, the analysis and query of data statements, which is efficient Third, the operation and management of joint venture commodities and the orderly operation of various archives.
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