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The intelligent cash collection system of gold

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-22
In the era of mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing, traditional businesses are facing new opportunities and challenges. New methods and technologies will bring new patterns to our era and all walks of life. The first group of jewelry enterprises represented by Laofengxiang, Shijiyuan, China gold, Jinye jewelry, Kimberly, Chow Tai Fook, yuanzhizun, Longfeng jewelry, etc. have taken the lead in using the intelligent cash register marketing system, which not only enables consumers to easily understand jewelry products on mobile devices, but also increases consumers' trust in jewelry products. Let's see what functions the system has? 1. Convenient and quick front sales function. The system can realize the functions of commodity retail, jewelry comprehensive wholesale business, customer return, commodity exchange, member points, automatic sending of purchase information, etc., and can meet the actual business needs on the counter. 2. Rich report statistics query and analysis functions. The system provides rich and powerful query, statistics and analysis functions, such as real-time inventory report (details, summary), time sales report, comprehensive business details report, monthly statement of purchase, sale and stock, sales statistics and analysis, sales comparison in the same period, commodity purchase, sale and stock analysis, member consumption analysis, etc., which can let you know the actual business situation of the enterprise at any time and provide truth for the decision-making of the enterprise Real and accurate data basis. 3. Profit analysis of gold and jewelry enterprises. Enterprise profit is clear at a glance: powerful profit report statistics function, automatic statistics of the price, cost and profit of goods, and check whether the whole company operates well through the profit status of the enterprise. Analyze and compare the monthly turnover and profit of each store, focus on the management of stores with more profits, put more resources into these stores, and make corresponding strategic adjustment for stores with lower profits. 4. Inventory reconciliation function. The system supports a variety of counting methods such as barcode scanning gun scanning and counting. If conditions permit, the time of inventory can be greatly shortened by using the inventory machine or barcode scanning gun to scan and inventory commodities. 5. Member management function. It supports functions such as member level, member points, member upgrade, member discount, member card recharge, customer return visit, and member anniversary automatic reminder. The perfect member management function provides you with high-quality services to members and effective guarantee to retain repeat customers. Different integration rules can be set for different categories. 6. Employee Commission function. Different commission rules can be set for different categories. Support the Commission setting and commission analysis functions of salesperson. Provide quick Commission analysis report for enterprises.
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