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The key move of POS industry: march into the wave

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-01
Cash register is an indispensable assistant in any store! It is a necessary process for a friend who opens a shop to need a cash register. However, in practice, many businesses leave the cash register aside because of bad business, or because the products they sell don't need a cash register, or because the place is too small to put. In a word, in many stores, the cash register can be replaced by mobile phones. In fact, a cash register is needed, which will reduce a lot of losses. In the era of artificial intelligence, with the rapid development of science and technology, face payment has become the mainstream of payment! Cash register is also following the progress of the times, new products emerge in endlessly, dazzling! Plus wechat frog brush face payment policy benefits, brush face payment has a broad development market! Let's learn about wechat frog face painting payment policy: 1. Applicable time: August 15, 2019 to March 31, 2020. 2. Reward object: wechat payment brush face payment equipment laying party. 3. Applicable industry: offline scene industry where wechat payment brush face payment equipment has been laid. Activity reward: 1. Each device can be rewarded: (1) number of effective daily de reuse accounts * 0.5 yuan (2) 300 yuan of monthly top sealing reward (3) 1000 yuan of cumulative top sealing reward (2) definition of effective daily de duplication users: the amount of a single effective order of the user is more than or equal to 2 yuan, and the reward of daily user de duplication access: 1. One time reward can be obtained for each camera to complete access and reach the active standard: 5 40 yuan / camera 2. Active standard: the cumulative number of effective De duplication users is more than or equal to 50. Effective user standard: if the amount of a single payment order is more than or equal to 2 yuan, the user is recorded as an effective user. &'Wechat payment brush face payment equipment' refers to the cash register of merchants in various industries in offline physical stores and the equipment with the function of wechat brush face payment. The equipment shall pass the official acceptance of wechat payment and conform to the relevant safety specifications. It can be seen from the above activity rewards and access rewards that a total of 154 yuan can be awarded for completing all the reward rules. At present, there are many kinds of brush face devices that have passed the official acceptance of wechat payment, and the purchase price is mostly around 1500-3000, and only a few hundred to a thousand yuan after the discount is removed. Analysts believe that from the perspective of the development of payment industry, POS industry, as the main force of payment equipment, this innovation practice is of great significance to improve its own equipment service quality and level, promote the high-quality development of equipment industry, and deepen the structural reform of POS service supply side. From the perspective of the enterprise itself, the layout of the field of 'brush face and pay' has become the key to its future industry development.
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