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The member cashier system speeds up the efficiency

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-25
reduces the input of human cost, and improves the efficiency of store operation and management.As a matter of human nature, everyone likes convenient shopping and is tired of waiting in line. Time is money, time is life. &'Queuing is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of time. Therefore, it is very important for the store to introduce the self-service cashier settlement system and the self-service cashier terminal. When swiping the face, the payment can be made. When scanning the code, the display screen of the self-service cashier terminal can display the obvious commodity information, and the balance can be prompted to be insufficient. During the Spring Festival, six self-service cashier terminals of a supermarket are used by an average of 2000 people, and the total settlement collection is about 200000 yuan, which can save the overtime cost of three cashiers during the Spring Festival. For supermarkets and convenience stores, self-service cash collection can speed up the efficiency of settlement and reduce the input of human cost. The convenience store has Alipay Dragonfly face payment cash register, which can enhance the shopping efficiency and consumption experience through brush payment and self service cashier. Now it can also attract customers through &ldquo, light member &rdquo and other value-added services. Customers through the Alipay Dragonfly face painting cash register to open “ light member ” service, a key to become a member, do not fill in the information and advance payment of membership fees, you can enjoy the membership discount and then pay according to the actual situation. And the store's promotions can be pushed to customer members. Alipay Dragonfly brushes the face to pay the cash register by opening up the membership system of the store and the Alipay platform, and it can also automatically calculate the integral. It is very convenient. During the 'double 11' period, 80 million e-coupons and face payment discounts have been issued to consumers to encourage them to consume in offline stores, so as to boost sales and increase the stickiness between customers and stores. The self-service cash collection system, the front desk quick opening cash collection, the small ticket automatic printing, supports the operation of hanging up the bill, sending coupons after collection, the mobile phone opening cash collection and so on, the cash collection scene is fully satisfied; the consumption payment, the stored value balance, the point change system automatically sends the SMS, the wechat reminder, lets the customer consume more reassuringly; the transaction document system automatically records, avoids the manual operation to cause the human omission, the industry The running water is clear and accurate.
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