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The member management system helps stores operate

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-26
With the improvement of living standard, people have a higher demand for the quality of life. More and more people choose massage, ear massage, foot care and other health care projects to relieve their fatigue and relax their body and mind. How to optimize and lead the consumption experience in the industries such as health salons and hairdressing that mainly provide services? Successful enterprises take consumer demand as the core and use digital technology to reconstruct the service process. Reduce customer waiting time, record customer consumption preferences, improve technician enthusiasm, initiative, establish a good competitive environment, and other pain points can be solved by digital membership management system. Membership management system through a full range of solutions, stores for each customer to provide attentive and meticulous service, so as to achieve profit promotion. Wechat booking function allows customers to choose the store they need to go to, the technician they like, the service items and the time of arrival. Customers make an appointment in advance to the store for consumption. They don't need to worry about waiting in line for technicians after arriving at the store, which avoids the problem of too long queuing time and improves customer satisfaction. For stores, technicians can be reasonably arranged to improve the clock rate. Customers can apply for membership online, use e-membership card, check the consumption records, let members feel the meticulous and intimate service details, and get the best consumption experience. With the function of automatic clock arrangement and the combination of point and turn, performance improvement becomes the driving force, which motivates employees to continuously improve their skills and obtain more repeat customers. Through the big data analysis of member management system, record and analyze the consumption habits of member customers, the sales profitability of stores, the performance commission of technicians, etc., the operation cost will be greatly reduced, the service quality can be significantly improved, the return rate of old customers will be higher, and the frequency of consumption will be improved. Enterprises can easily copy the successful model and open chain stores to achieve maximum profits!
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