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The Ministry of industry and information technology

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-26
The use of face recognition technology to open the mobile phone card is mainly to fully implement the real name system of mobile phone users, prevent users from being opened under the false name without knowing, protect the rights and interests of users, and effectively reduce the occurrence of telecommunication fraud, garbage harassment of telephone, reselling, etc. According to the regulations of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, from December 1, 2019, the telecom operators shall realize face recognition in all channels and use the face recognition authentication system to handle the online card opening procedures for users. When some people are still worried about the security of face painting payment, face recognition technology has been used in government affairs, work attendance, community access control, station security, bank withdrawal, restaurants and stores. Why has face recognition gained rapid popularity in recent years? Back in 2014, the recognition accuracy of face recognition technology exceeded that of human face for the first time. Since then, the collection, storage, accuracy, use and safety supervision of face recognition have been comprehensively improved. Recently, the national standards working group for face recognition technology was set up in the biometrics sub committee of the national beacon committee to regulate the application and industry norms of face recognition. Compared with other identification methods, face recognition has the advantages of non-contact, high speed and simple operation. With the maturity of face recognition technology, the function redevelopment based on face recognition technology can expand more application scenarios. For example, face swiping payment and self-service cash collection can be applied to large and small supermarkets and unmanned shops with large flow of people. Brush face payment combined with self-service cash collection can solve the pain points of low efficiency and high cost of face in retail cash collection of supermarket. After the self-service cash register with brush face payment function is used in Hongqi supermarket chain, the cash collection efficiency has increased by more than 50%, reducing the situation that customers give up shopping due to too long queue. In addition, in the past two traditional cash collection channels, now four self-service cash registers can be placed, which can reduce the cash collection space by 200% and increase the space for goods distribution. Relying on face recognition technology, customers no longer need to bring membership cards or self reported mobile phone numbers. They can directly identify their members (face information is recognized by Alipay Dragonfly face recognition Alipay background recognition, fear of information leakage), and achieve data exchange among customers, commodities, members and sales, so that retailers can operate more timely and comprehensive data. For another example, face recognition plus national identity card recognition such as ID card and social security card can be used in credit loan, bank withdrawal, hospital payment, pharmacy purchase of drugs, and station can use face recognition authentication system for identity verification. The second West China Hospital of Sichuan University has adopted face recognition equipment to realize face swiping registration card, blood sampling identity verification and office access control of some departments. The Tianbo face recognition equipment supports face recognition, with fingerprint recognition, ID card recognition and GPS positioning functions. In the bank business processing scenario, China Construction Bank has applied the face recognition technology on 100000 ATMs, through connecting the public security organs and the third-party inspection institutions, to realize the intelligent face brushing and withdrawal, to prevent the risk of false claim caused by the stolen and lost bank cards. In the process of applying for loan, we can also verify the user's identity and judge the risk through the face recognition database, and make the authorization approval as soon as 7 seconds, so as to realize the intelligent Inclusive Finance.
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