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the most maddening self-service tills of all? they\'re at the post office! just ask a baffled and spluttering quentin letts, who was sent crackers trying to post a few letters

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-28
What a grab!
This little machine has two greedy green flash lights, probably its eyes.
When I fed it crispy tenner, it almost bit my finger. Ouch!
Call brrrrrng kerchinng to swallow.
It was like a rotweiner dog grabbing a hot dog that was swaying and took the money from me.
It\'s not so much \"thank you \".
Welcome to modern-Japanese Post Office.
After the pause, it will stuffed a few pieces of change and then spit out the receipt from another hole. Next customer! Hurry hurry! Time is money!
Scroll down to watch the video this is a mid-week afternoon at the Post Office at High Street Kensington West London.
I stand in front of a terrible self
Service Machine
The kind that has dominated (and ruin)
Shopping in the UK.
Recently, this email, like Sir lanslow\'s charger, has been struggling with self-fear
Serving the UK: Delay, frustration, robot unconscious, and above all, pure darkness, when you want to pay for the goods and are not faced by one person, but when faced with a four-square, shoddy machine, it all became unglamorous.
After female hour host Jenney Murray wrote about self hell, we got letters from frustrated readers
The supermarket service started three weeks ago.
When writer Tom Rawstorne followed an article about himself
The anger of our readers does not seem to end in serving the bank.
Of all the following letters, the staple food on a street was named and humiliated again and again: the post office.
So I was sent to the local branch of our office to see if it was really as bad as everyone said.
At the age of 52, I admit that I should be better for the machine;
But I lack the logic, computer thinking that seems to fit this kind of thing.
I don\'t mind admitting that I\'m completely confused about the complexity of the selfservice set-
At the post office.
Three self.
Service machine.
Each has its own weighing scale and sticker and label shelves to choose from depending on the variety of letter and package features you need.
The stamp fell off the machine and fell off the small slide --
In the supermarket, where do you expect your changes to come fromService machine.
You have to be careful not to lean against the weighing platform on the left side of the machine --
Or, oops, it may cost a lot of money for this package.
As in the past, this is often the case with machines, and when the device gets into a blue panic, people have to ask for help from a living, well-breathing employee (
In this case, a hard
The pressed guy called Sagar)
Who clicked on some code or other code and put one, though friendly, like a half wit on a stick.
That\'s what I am because at home in Hereford we have a lovely small village post office run by the local manor Lord Roger who is always happy to help and chat if you have mo, he will even give you a cup of tea.
But this is London, and there is a sweat of competition in the air, just like it is in the municipal sports center.
The place is packed with customers who are quickly becoming grumpy, hot and nervous.
I was in the same state myself long before my posting adventure ended.
This is a scientific experiment, and I mail it with two sets of the same letters and small packages (
6 pieces per piece)
There are different time and delivery instructions to different destinations.
I\'m posting a set myself.
Serve the machine and see how easy it is and how long it will take.
Another one I posted at someone on duty.
Well, I\'m talking about the \"mannequin\", but the \"non-mannequin\" might be more accurate.
There are seven counters in this section of the post office, but when I arrived there were only two counters and one of them was already busy for a long time.
The man standing in front of it is a postal worker who is passing the time of the day (
Or there may be an important business discussion)
With the counter assistant. Oi, mate! Get on wiv it!
The customer\'s team quickly got to the door.
We had 18 people waiting for service, and inevitably the anger in the queue burst out.
When other customers asked an old woman in line to keep up with the slow pace, she became good ly-moving queue.
She began to say to them, \"it\'s not going to be any different,\" and \"we\'ll always be here anyway \".
The shadow of the question of survival raised by Samuel Beckett\'s play Waiting for Godot.
I try not to stare at this rambling drama, but raise my eyes to see a TV set that advertises in front of the post office
Payment plan for funeral planning. Good grief.
Will we stay here for so long? A middle-
The female classmate asked the manager, \"What\'s the problem?
He did not like her triangular sail and said happily, \"there is no problem, Madam.
It is hard not to admire his cunning arrogance towards the \"madman.
The letter barrel was blown in his tone and did not hesitate to make gestures on the queue.
Yes, there\'s a problem! ’ she says.
He checked the horizon and, like Nelson, saw no boats.
The kite was taken to one side.
We will never see her again.
When the post office is in line for so long, you may see the logic of why they introduce themselves.
Service machine.
But why are only two manned counters running?
Will the privatized post office make its counter service uncomfortable in order to force all of us to use our own services
Service machine (
Need less staff)?
The service was quick when I finally got to the counter.
A happy \"financial expert \"(
That\'s what her badge says)
People called Poonan handle my six posts with speed and courtesy.
There is a letter to Indonesia, guaranteed delivery, a small bag marked with \"fragments\", an envelope that needs to arrive at the destination the next day, a large and light package at the London address, there is also a slender envelope with a gift of 100.
Poonan\'s fingers flew over her keyboard.
She printed the label, placed a fragile warning on the package in question very sweetly, issued stamps, and spent £ 22.
Refund 51 from my debit card
The whole process is completed and completed in 4 minutes.
But it takes 20 minutes to line up.
So, there\'s a total of 24 minutes, but at least the entertainment in the queue is there.
Now for yourself
Service experience.
The queuing time of the machine is much shorter.
Just a few seconds.
Maybe people are afraid of these machines.
Or more experienced clients than I realized. saving’ self-
The kiosk is so chaotic-
When I\'m about to find out
Any time you save in the queue is balanced by the extra time it takes to operate poor objects with those sparkling greenslight eyes.
Still, I sailed on the first few fences.
About what I want to do (post a letter)
What kind of postage do I want?
Screen, easy to handle, but all of a sudden I started to get into more tricky areas.
When I try to select a special guaranteed delivery option on touch --
The automatic voice tells me the screen of my letter-a rather posh-It sounds like a woman.
Scan my lettersScan it?
I waved a white envelope on the screen.
The computer is muted without approval.
Repeat the instructions and scan them.
But what can be scanned? It transpires (a less soupy-
The brain-dead woman in line calculated)
You have to put an official sticker on the envelope that is taken from the shelf above the machine.
How do you know this?
There are six stickers in different colors to choose from, which means that it is necessary to frantically figure out which roll of stickers are suitable for the task at hand.
There are various labels for international postage, first class for signature delivery, second class for signature delivery, and-
The person I\'m looking
Special delivery is guaranteed.
Finally, I found the silver tag, tore it off, sneaked it on the envelope, and then stuck the \"sender\'s name\" to my fingertips first, then stick to the shirt and then at the other fingertips
I decided to give up this part of the exercise, pick up this poor thing and throw it in my plastic bag.
Without my sender details, something rude must be sent.
When I was at the counter with demure Poonan, she completed the entire transaction of six items and then asked for a payment.
But if I try to do this on myself,
I will end up with a bunch of stamps that don\'t know which package or letter they are used to hold.
Sagar, assistant/circuit mechanic/idiot handler, came to rescue me soon.
He instructed me to do each package one by one and pay as I go to avoid confusion.
He made his finger.
The drumming program enters his magic password and presses various \"ignore\" buttons to get me back on track. Sort of.
The machine asks the same question over and over again.
It wants to know if the value of my letter and package is more than 20.
Except for the one that contains the gift, all of this has no value --card for £100.
A few minutes passed and I could feel the team growing behind me.
Its occupants began to have a collective consciousness. of-humour failure.
Are you buying a package that has not been scanned yet?
The machine is calling.
I press yes because I don\'t want to just scan it first
Class letter to London
Are you buying a package that has not been scanned yet?
It asks about the next project.
I press it again.
Are you buying a package that has not been scanned yet?
Are you buying a package that hasn\'t been scanned yet?
You . . . . . . Shut up!
Over time, there are more and more people queuing up.
I realized that while I had successfully stamped the gift for £ 100 --
Card envelope with first one
I don\'t seem to have a receipt or insurance certificate to prove this yet.
Now my head is turning.
I flipped through my receipt to see if it was there.
Did I say the receipt?
I should have done it.
So far I have a lot of crumpled receipts in my hand.
If the gift card is lost, is one of them sufficient to justify shipping in the event of an insurance claim?
I would very much like to ask, but my friend and mentor Sagar is now in serious discussion with a foreign gentleman at a nearby kiosk Pavilion, his confusion about the machine is increased by his imperfect English
So I never found out if my gift card envelope was covered.
I suspect not, because at the end of my various payments, I estimate that I have paid 20.
It\'s £ 50. it\'s £ 2.
Less than I paid at the Manned counter.
Time spent on the selfService machine?
There was almost nothing in line and only 23 minutes to collect the stamps and labels.
Some people may praise it as a victory for themselves.
Service machine: a whole minute shorter than a manned desk!
One thing I want to say is to support the post office itself.
Service machine (
Except that they seem to be working because all posts are posted at the time they should be, I found out later)
At the end of the process, they don\'t say what the people at WH Smith say and make you furious: \"Thank you for using the fast lane.
It always makes me want to build this establishment with a crowbar. But hang on. If the self-
If there is no service machine, the Post Office will have to spend more money on people.
Employment will increase, customers will get faster service, and the sum of human happiness will be greater.
Dear old Sagar himself may even get a counter of his own and rise to something bigger.
The little manager of the lovely ly did not need to scoff at the wind letter barrel and her kind.
Because if it\'s so bad late in a mid-week afternoon, what exactly would it look like when everyone is trying to send a package before Christmas?
Does anyone know the name of a private courier company?
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