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The national standard of structural three-dimensional code was officially implemented, and anti-coun English

The national standard of 'structural three-dimensional code' was officially implemented, and anti-counterfeiting technology began to enter the era of three-dimensional code!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-19
Nowadays, how to crack down on fake and shoddy products is completely eliminated from the root, and simply verifying the information of product manufacturers is far from meeting the needs of the market. In order to better meet the market demand and accelerate the standardization of anti-counterfeiting technology, GB/T 37470-in December 1- 2019 the national standard of 'technical conditions for anti-counterfeiting of structural three-dimensional codes' has been officially implemented. 'Structure 3D code' It is a further innovation of two-dimensional code technology, marking that China's anti-counterfeiting technology has entered from bar code and two-dimensional code. 'Structure 3D code'Stage. ' Bar codes and ordinary two-dimensional codes are easy to be copied, so there are certain risks in the anti-counterfeiting application process. ' Li Feng, general manager of Hainan Tianjian anti-counterfeiting Technology Co. , Ltd. , the main drafting unit of this standard, introduced,'Structure 3D code' It is to use multi-layer paper with structure to carve anti-counterfeiting elements and information collections on them in random depth by physical means, making different parts randomly present structural features of different depth and different colors, then use AI intelligent recognition to identify the structural combination features formed by this process. Therefore,'Structure 3D code' It is an innovative development of two-dimensional code technology, organically combining physical anti-counterfeiting with information technology, and better solving the problem that ordinary two-dimensional codes are easy to copy, it has the characteristics of structure, three-dimensional, unique and difficult to copy. It is understood that the national standard of 'technical conditions for anti-counterfeiting of structural three-dimensional codes' stipulates'Structure 3D code' The technical requirements of terms and definitions, product classification, product appearance quality, product characteristic index, anti-counterfeiting Identification characteristics, test methods and inspection rules are another important national standard in China's anti-counterfeiting field, it is of great significance to guide the popularization and application of technology and standardize the production and inspection of related products. At the same time,'Structure 3D code' It provides strong support for safeguarding consumers' rights and interests, protecting brands and cracking down on counterfeiting, and plays a decisive role in establishing a fair competition market order and building a social integrity system, it has a good application prospect. The anti-counterfeiting products that implement this standard have been applied in China's liquor, food, tobacco, daily chemicals, household appliances, tickets, medicine, clothing and other industries, and the market has responded well. ' The emergence of new things to some extent means the demise of old things'. Self-help identification equipment enterprises, as the backbone to promote the normal use of bar codes and two-dimensional codes, play an important role. Face'Structure 3D code' The arrival of technology has changed opportunities into reality and turned trends into advantages, which has become one of the most important topics for self-service identification equipment enterprises. So, for the emerging'Structure 3D code' Technology, self-identification equipment enterprises can only settle down and continuously upgrade and innovate technology; In order to better cope with the challenges, fit'Structure 3D code'The development of technology.
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