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The new understanding of face-brushing payment in 2020, the blue sea of the market!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-20
In 2019, WeChat Alipay has already started to perform in the payment industry. 'Chuxiong hegemony' The situation, because they all saw the blue sea of face brushing in the payment industry! Not only is the blue ocean of the payment industry, but also drives the development of many industrial chains. So why is 2020 so optimistic about brushing its face and what are its advantages? What are the advantages of face-brushing payment? 1. Save Time, simple operation some older people are not very skilled in mobile phone operation, and it is difficult to master mobile phone payment, but face payment is different, just look at the scanner, the direct payment was successful and the payment time was saved. 2. The impact of external factors is very small. Our mobile phone may affect our payment due to insufficient power, bad signal and other reasons, but we will not pay for it, as long as people can pay at any time. 3. Payment is more secure because it is through the combination of software and hardware, applying various encryption and security assurance measures such as intelligent algorithms, mainly to ensure users' data security and privacy security, and it also applies the biological information recognition technology, which can accurately recognize the face. Alipay claims that the safety factor of face-brushing payment is quite high, and makeup and the use of photos are not good. Through these three points, we can understand that face-brushing payment will be more convenient than mobile phone payment, and it is more comfortable to use. The current face-brushing payment has already possessed the commercialization capability, and quietly spread to our daily life, so in the near future we will say goodbye to mobile phone payment and welcome face payment.
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