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The new wireless qr code with code gun OY20 - The RF for supermarket cashier 'tomorrow'!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-11
With the popularity of sweep code payment, mobile payment has become more and more consumers shopping when the preferred method of payment. For merchants, bar code scanning guns has become indispensable to offline supermarkets, convenience stores and other Collecting artifacts throughout the &; 。 Cashier, the cashier just hand scanning gun to pay treasure payment or WeChat qr code can quickly finish goods trade. The use of bar code scanning guns is not only improve the efficiency of the cashier, convenient for management of supermarkets, convenience stores, as well as improving the customer's shopping experience, obtained the praise of customers and merchants. But now the scanning gun range on the market, all kinds of brand, this makes choosing which a scanning gun became a difficult problem in businesses. The new world OY20 - Not only have 2 RF scanning gun. 4 g wireless extreme distance transmission; Has a large capacity brand battery life; Also has a rich range of decoding support computer, mobile phone screen scan. In addition, its unique low-power power management system, the performance of the light and practical, the numerous merchants, has been widely applied in all kinds of small and medium-sized retail/restaurant chain in the scene. As the saying goes, & other; Wine is not afraid of alley deep & throughout; OY20 - and the new world RF scanning gun in addition to the above advantages, the characteristics of its products is one of the merchants to choose one of the important factors, here small make up, and everyone together OY20 - look at the new world RF scanning guns have those characteristics. Image: network 1, excellent read performance embedded read engine, adopt the world's first new decoding chip, can easily read all kinds of bending, defiled, fuzzy barcode as low quality, seamless compatible screen size. 2, elegant appearance, seiko quality accord with human body engineering design, improves comfort and improve the overall architecture of the aesthetic feeling of diamond lights design edges and corners, embodies the seiko quality of the new world. 3, stable and convenient wireless communication using 2. 4 g wireless communications, the stability of the empty space communication distance can be up to more than 50 meters. 4, strong and durable hardware adopts highly integrated design, modular design of sleeve, IP42 protection grade, 1. 2 m drop height, all-round to ensure products are strong and durable. 5, strong battery life support low power mode, significantly reduce product functionality, at the same time as the equipment with large capacity lithium battery, makes the equipment to enhance the battery life, much higher than similar products. 6, plug and play installation, simple matching, simple and easy to use, plug and play. Through the above simple introduction, believe everybody OY20 - to the new world RF scanning gun have a preliminary understanding, concrete can be according to their own stores to choose the appropriate scanning guns.
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