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The POS industry event in 2019 ended perfectly to welcome the new future of face-to-face payment in English

The POS industry event in 2019 ended perfectly to welcome the new future of face-to-face payment in 2020

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-21
On December 20, 2019, the third China POS Industry Annual Meeting ended successfully in Guangzhou Yilin holiday hotel. The annual meeting conducted a deep anatomy of the current POS industry development status and future prospects, it involves a wide range of contents, a deep degree of discussion, and has a great impact on the development of the industry. The two-day annual meeting has achieved excellent results and outstanding results! It is worth mentioning that this annual meeting involves innovations in new fields, that is, face recognition technology. More experts and scholars have conducted in-depth analysis on the impact of face-brushing payment on the development of POS industry. Brush face payment is not only the most noteworthy payment method in 2019, but also the pioneer in the field of payment. With the development of Internet economy, payment methods are becoming more and more diversified. The integration of face recognition technology and payment products has brought about a brand-new payment method. Payment is not only limited to the pure market process. It combines with new technologies, new industries and new equipment, expands the scope of cooperation and expands the development market. At this annual meeting, there are also many face-brushing payment products on display. As one of the leading enterprises in POS industry, Shang mi has shown face-brushing payment devices cooperating with Alipay in the annual meeting: SUNMI Shang mi Dragonfly T3B00. On 2019, the two Internet giants Ali and Tencent launched a hit-and-drop payment field. 'Dragonfly'And'Frog' One after another, from online to offline, the application of payment methods is constantly innovating and has begun to sweep across the retail market. The competition between the two is also relatively fierce. Both sides promote their face-brushing payment equipment to the market in an open mode, intentionally lowering the use threshold, and the use process is simple and clear. The two sides also launched a policy subsidy war, and merchants using face-brushing payment equipment can also obtain corresponding rebates. In addition, at the 6th World Internet Conference in October, UnionPay and more than 60 banks jointly released a smart payment product. Brush face to pay' , The intention is simple, the goal is clear, direct finger brush face payment market. After that, UnionPay also completed the aggregation with the face-brushing payment terminal of WeChat Payment, and released its face-brushing payment device. All people pay Blue Whale'. The face-brushing payment market has gradually become a Red Sea,'National team' We have entered the face-to-face payment market on a large scale. The face-to-face payment market is highly competitive, suddenly changing and unclear. The future development may also usher in a different situation. However, a relatively complete industrial chain seems to have to go through three steps: product research and development, promotion and landing. From upstream Ali, Tencent, UnionPay and face-brushing payment equipment manufacturers to mid-stream service providers and agents, and finally to downstream retail stores and merchants. As the upstream manufacturer of payment equipment, POS industry plays a key role in face-brushing payment. So how can the development of POS industry grasp the market opportunities? The POS industry is the most basic and critical link in the production of face-brushing payment equipment, both in software and hardware. Therefore, hardware and software manufacturers should be fully prepared to meet the changes in the new market, conform to the development of the era of face-brushing payment, change the concept of development and innovate the mode of production. The production and research of face brushing equipment should have excellent technical support, and more importantly, we should find cooperative enterprises to develop and make common progress together. I believe that all my colleagues have returned home at the third China POS Industry Annual Meeting. The most important thing is to make full use of it. At the resource docking meeting of the annual meeting, Shenzhen Meitai showed the face-brushing payment module WPDM3288-10, the module has a strong ability to reduce costs. The first is to help the partners save the cost of setting up a research and development team, the second is that the module itself has a significant cost advantage, and the high-quality after-sales technical support team has saved the users from worries. It can help the whole machine manufacturer to quickly complete the landing and mass production of the whole machine equipment for face brushing payment, and can also be embedded in self-service vending machines, POS cash registers and other self-service equipment with payment functions. However, as far as the current market is concerned, face-brushing payment and other payment methods such as two-dimensional codes still coexist. Face-brushing payment will not completely replace the existing payment methods, and will certainly not be eliminated by the market, but will be in a state of long-term coexistence. Further, the smart devices relied on for face-brushing payment not only carry payment, but also upgrade the service capability of merchants, with a wide market, new fields and strong background, the impact is beyond the payment itself. The general trend of future development is definitely to pay for face brushing, but it only takes a transitional time. Therefore, the POS industry should be fully armed to meet the new future of face-brushing payment in 2020, produce more excellent payment equipment and create a better tomorrow for the POS industry.
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