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The premises enters sells saves the integration, cashier system to help you solve the problem of inventory!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-10
Stock-taking requires a lot of manpower, many commodity classification, color classification, product and model, the article number of the same product in stock, how many goods is what color, respectively, each have how many quantity, which clients after buying the goods color batch number and so on a series of problems, this is the management of many premises often face the problem, for these problem will cost a lot of manpower to do before, now can give completely system to solve the premises. The cashier system how to solve the problem of inventory? A goods barcode management, loading and unloading operations to achieve rapid, can sweep through code warehouse outbound, fast through the product name, pinyin, initials to retrieve the goods, manual entry. Digital stock management, improve the storage of goods, outbound, query speed, reduce the error. Second, visual inventory management master view the company's inventory at any time, detailed inventory data show that the product of the specific color, size, avoid excess inventory. The inventory management and control, the minimum predefined set product, below this value, the system automatically generate purchasing plan, convenient and replenishment, avoid excess inventory. Three, code inventory rapidly sweep code, batch inventory, check the inventory quickly, accurately grasp the inventory quantity, adjust the sales plan, to avoid the old stock. Staff code gun scan code, real-time query product inventory and shelf location, fast customer service, enhance the brand image. Employees can through their mobile phone, and code of product inventory stores and shelf location, quickly find the products or in the case of out of stock, a quick check to store inventory, timely coordination to transfer the guests to provide services. Increase sales. ( Premises member management system)
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