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The prospect of intelligent mobile POS machine: intelligence is the breakthrough point

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-31
What problems have the catering merchants encountered? When it comes to the problems encountered by catering merchants, everyone will think of four high and one low ( High rent price, high labor cost, high energy cost, high raw material cost and low profit level). Four high and one low is indeed a problem encountered by catering merchants, and it is also a problem faced by the entire catering industry. The prospect of mobile POS machine intelligent POS machine in addition to this, the catering business has not encountered other problems? Such as passenger flow, turnover rate, such as member management, marketing promotion, etc. Although the internet has transformed the catering industry to a deep extent, the catering industry is a traditional industry with deep qualifications. There are still many problems to be solved in order to complete its internet transformation. The prospect of mobile POS machine the current situation of intelligent mobile POS industry the rise of intelligent POS machine intelligent mobile POS industry began in 2015. Many enterprises saw the prospect of this market and entered one after another. The prospect of mobile POS machine the key event that attracted the attention of all parties in the industry due to intelligent POS machine is Kara's high-profile release of its Internet POS products. By 2016, the smart mobile POS industry has started a prairie fire. Some people in the industry say 2016 will be the first year of smart POS. The prospect of mobile POS machine intelligent POS machine at present, there are many intelligent mobile POS products on the market, so the intelligent mobile POS function on the market is relatively single: the function is opened around the payment exhibition intelligent POS machine. However, in the catering industry where smart mobile POS * is often used, smart mobile POS with relatively simple functions can only meet the payment and cash register needs of catering merchants, and cannot meet various needs of catering merchants. The prospect of mobile POS machines since we know that banks are very strict in handling, what are the advantages of third-party payment agents over banks? Let me introduce you one by one. In terms of the submitted information, the third party and the bank are the same, but the third party payment company has a certain mitigation zone for the submission time, in other words, it can be opened first and then submitted. Not only that, the identity of the third-party payment agent as an enterprise, the service is more humanized, the serious cooperation attitude, the faster approval process and the speed of the machine, all of which occupy the opportunity to seize the POS machine market, it is conducive to POS agents to carry out business well. In addition, POS machine business, as the core business of a third-party payment company, has done a good job in the later service and market support of agents, eliminating the worries of agents. The prospect of mobile POS machine intelligent POS machine however, there are also some individual third-party payment agents who commit crimes against the wind in order to seize the market and operate illegally for some petty profits, which is very unfavorable to the agents. In fact, people would rather choose banks or third parties at high cost and with high standards for only one purpose, hoping that they can use safe and convenient channels to prevent property losses, some third-party payment companies have also grasped this point, relying on their own payment licenses and deliberately raising their prices. Personally feel that as long as the channel is safe, there is no license plate. Perhaps some enterprises' policies are better than those of third-party enterprises.
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