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The prospect of the sixth generation embedded LV4300 qr code identification module, small volume, wide application range

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-12
Shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Recently announced LV4300 series of qr code recognition module, the scanning module adopts the advanced image vision sensing technology and international leading level of intelligent image recognition system, not only can be quickly read all kinds of bar code on the paper medium, but also for mobile phones, the electronic screen such as one-dimensional/qr code can easily identify. LV4300 has strong compatibility and universality and can meet almost all the end user to the diverse needs of barcode scanning, in addition to perfect embedded in OEM ( Original equipment manufacturer) Scan terminal, but also can be built-in in self-service vending machine/traditional self-service facility, brake machine/access control terminals, smart lockers/logistics delivery tank, bus/parking equipment, intelligent garbage pigeon-hole/wisdom supermarket terminal used on integrated application of quickly and accurately read the paper, screen and so on all kinds of medium 1 d / 2 d barcode. Based on autonomous core technology of the sixth generation uIMG LV4300 series qr code scanning module has industry-leading scanning performance, uIMG consists of optical system, photoelectric coupling system, graphics, digital, codecs, image processing, embedded system and a series of comprehensive technology, not only can read all kinds of mainstream international standard one-dimensional bar code and the mainstream qr code, also supports read GS1 - DataBarTM( RSS) Bar code, including Limited, Stacked, Expanded version; Read performance reached the international advanced level, can be provided by the company of form a complete set of application of read user custom all kinds of bar code. LV4300 self-service qr code reader device also has the excellent exercise tolerance ability and flexible way of targeting, suitable for the most demanding of indoor and outdoor scanning work environment, such as used in bus and code to pay under the harsh environment, such as vibration, turbulence passengers without deliberate alignment barcode scanning area, intelligent automatic induction and code, can be omnidirectional scanning, and it has IP54 shock drop resistance, greatly improve the reliability of products. It is hard to read the barcode also has excellent read performance, including mobile screen bar code, so that OEM integration product series can apply more broad application market. In addition, LV4300 provides excellent scanning performance and installation flexibility, can not only meet the needs of oems and end users of the current, but also take into account the market application trend of the future, it is the arrival of an important milestone in automatic identification industry technology innovation. In the past 20 years, shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Always leads the bar code automatic identification industry and development direction in the field of two-dimensional image type scanning module, its scanning module, bar code read engine, embedded barcode scanning module, embedded barcode reader, the embedded two-dimensional bar code read engine, qr code identification module, qr code scanning code modules, qr code scanning module, qr code scanning head, qr code scanner and self-service qr code reader equipment with remarkable barcode recognition performance and high cost performance, continuously in the international market to win customers praise. Vision of things united, meanwhile, has been strengthening in the qr code to read module product solutions, the company become a preference of many oems and end users.
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