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the rise of outdoor digital advertising

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-25
The practice of outdoor advertising has been around for a long time, and it may be as old as advertising itself.
However, with the change of people, the development of culture, the development of technology, outdoor advertising is also constantly developing.
Household advertising spending has increased from $6 to $6.
$1 billion in 2010.
$4 billion and $7 this year.
6 billion by 2015.
Outdoor is very relevant to the daily life of consumers, and spending on updated forms of outdoor advertising (such as digital media) has increased.
Outdoor advertising is already growing and there is now a new form of outdoor advertising that will help advertisers and advertising companies to provide more effective advertising materials or activities.
More than three.
About 75 quarters.
This year, 5% of US media planners have included digital advertising outdoors in their marketing plans.
By next year, 86 is expected.
3% of media planners will use outdoor digital media for marketing, a huge leap forward from last year\'s 65-year-old digital media. 3 percent.
The budget for outdoor digital media will also come from funding for traditional outdoor advertising.
More than half of media planners will shift their budgets from traditional advertising to outdoor digital advertising.
The media budget for outdoor advertising is around £ 54.
2% and 43.
There will be 8% on TV and 22 on TV.
9% for digital or online advertising.
The remaining 19
However, 8% will be reserved for other forms of advertising.
One advantage of outdoor digital advertising is that whenever an advertiser or advertising agent needs to update anything, they don\'t have to spend a lot of money fixing the issue and printing errors.
With outdoor digital advertising, the content of the ad can be updated with a single mouse click and one or more screens can be controlled in one network.
These networks can also be extended globally and controlled remotely.
Outdoor advertising is currently at the forefront of the advertising market, and with the help of digital media, outdoor advertising is redefined to make brands more attractive to consumers.
Marketers, advertisers and outdoor advertising agencies not only notice the benefits of outdoor digital advertising, but also the numerous opportunities and possibilities it offers to its customers.
Not only is spending on outdoor advertising increasing, but spending on outdoor digital media is also increasing.
There is no doubt that this will continue to grow as there is still a lot of untapped resources for outdoor advertising.
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