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The 'shenzhen eye of brush unionpay face pay equipment'

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-11
On November 4 - 6, the 13th shenzhen international financial exposition held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. China unionpay joint obi-wan light display much money & other Brush face pay & throughout; Equipment, show its & other; No interface, efficient, safe, Internet & throughout; Pay a new experience. The China unionpay on 3 d brush brush face pay tablet, 3 d face vending machines & other; Brush face pay & throughout; Products, all carry obi-wan light 3 d vision module, has a living detection function, can effectively resist faces, the face video or face mask of camouflage, the deterrent to face recognition rate is only one over one million. Provide convenience in experience at the same time, ensure the security of the payment. This year, Mr Than in independent research and development of light & other; Haiyan & throughout; Camera module, through the bank card test center certification, the safety standards of national financial terminal payments. Reporters at the scene of the exhibition experience brush face payment process, its use process is very quick, only need through brush face and input password can be completed quickly payment, without having to carry mobile phones, credit CARDS and other physical media. In October this year, the two sides to build & other 3 d visual joint laboratory & throughout; Around 3 d visual technology research and application, promote the financial innovation of science and technology. The gold expo exhibition & other; Brush face pay & throughout; In recently, the sixth & other; The light of the Internet & throughout; Expo debut, at present many & other Brush face pay & throughout; Equipment has been in hangzhou, guangzhou, wuhan and other cities business, retail, hotel scene fall to the ground. Obi-wan in light founder and CEO, said huang yuan hao in the future than light will rely on its own technical advantages in the field of 3 d sensing, accelerate & other; Brush face pay & throughout; Application scenarios, promote 3 d vision technology in the field of financial development of far-reaching.
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