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The specific function of new retail o2o software - — Optimal door technology

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-10
Integration of both retail stores and chain stores or online, how can businesses are concerned about most is the effective quick and convenient management of the store, and then a complete system/software has what function? Optimal system can effectively help households merchants all enters sells saves the data statistics, real-time inventory more variable, the background data take in everything in a glance, make business simple and efficient. Here are my friends for future business I finishing about optimal door cashier system software is introduced: 1. Online and offline integration: the Internet economy, optimum system online system can seamless docking, realize members, goods, orders, inventory data synchronization, headquarters and stores data more clearly, more convenient management. 2. A key to all kinds of goods import: online stores unified management, online stores can be a key to copy, the import goods can be a key, revenue chain can use, chain stores and convenience in mall. 3. Business marketing: online platform can unify to carry out marketing activities, stores can also do activities, flexible marketing mode. 4. Membership: membership card binding, false or true members can be performed online integral and stored value. Through online and offline members, utilizing public platform, powder WeChat hair coupons, lead customers to store consumption. 5. Remind mechanism: order a variety of instant reminder mechanism, order can also be between the headquarters and stores, outlets and stores. 6. Data management: sales data, inventory data, data members, fans data updated in real time, master the accurate data. 7. Distribution system, distribution, which can be opened, headquarters to let everyone can help for promotion and sales. Shenzhen good family technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2012, is committed to information solution for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide retail circulation. For each big small and medium-sized enterprises provide retail circulation of information, business automation solutions and O2O platform solutions, products covering retail, catering, monopoly, entertainment and other fields. At the same time, the optimal technology also provides mobile electricity construction, e-commerce operations and other value-added services. Optimal door technology has a mature sales channels and perfect technical service network, provide specialization and characterization of management consulting, project implementation, system maintenance, professional training, optimization and upgrading of the entire service, also equipped with advanced technical support center, call center, online service system, a variety of means such as fax, E-mail, on-site support for software users with 7 days * 24 hours of all-round high quality technical support services. We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, will be high-quality services to every family!
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