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The station introduces the brush face ticket checking

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-01
Spring Festival has already started this year. Many returning passengers usually choose to take the train or high-speed rail to go home. According to the data of the Ministry of transport, four days before the Spring Festival, 285 million passengers were sent by railways, roads, waterways and civil aviation, an increase of 3.6% over the same period last year. Among them, the traffic mode is railway, with a total of 47.418 million passengers sent, an increase of 28.5%, and the number of people who choose the road (by bus or self driving) to go home decreased by 0.6%. This proves that railway transportation will be more and more popular with passengers. Especially in response to the peak passenger flow of a large number of passengers in peak season, many railway stations and high-speed railway stations have also introduced ID card recognition and face recognition equipment, which is convenient for passengers to directly swipe ID card or swipe face to pick up tickets, improve the efficiency of ticket checking, and reduce the time for passengers to queue up for ticket checking. In the past, paper tickets were used as contract documents and reimbursement documents for passengers to purchase tickets. Now with the popularity of paperless electronic tickets, passengers do not need to queue up to buy and exchange paper tickets, directly use mobile phones or the station's self-service ticketing terminal to purchase tickets by brushing their faces or ID cards. At that time, passengers can enter the station by swiping QR code, ID card or face, in a more diversified way, without worrying about the loss of ticket and ID card. In the future, customers can even pay for tickets directly by brushing their faces on the spot, and complete the check-in of brushing their faces in one stop, which saves more time. In Beijing Capital Airport, face recognition function has been added in domestic and international check-in process. Passengers can choose to use self-service face recognition for boarding, and the travel time is only 3 seconds; according to statistics, under the condition that four channels for face check are fully open, the average boarding time for flights with more than 200 passengers can be shortened to 13 minutes. Brush face ticket checking equipment is used in intelligent transportation mode, although it has many conveniences. But for now, there are still several pain points. First, for the elderly, the seat information is written in black and white on the paper ticket. You can see it at a glance when you take any car and where you sit. However, when you use face brush to check the ticket, you need to check the information through your mobile phone, or print it on the self-service ticket machine. It's not very friendly to the elderly who don't know much about technology. Of course, if the elderly are accompanied by young family members, this is not a big problem. The second is that for business travelers, tickets are not only used as entry vouchers, but also as reimbursement vouchers. There is no electronic ticket as a voucher, and passengers on business trip also need to print the ticket information separately. Generally speaking, swiping ID card, swiping face to pick up tickets, swiping face to check tickets and other ways can speed up the efficiency of passengers' entry, provide a more convenient way to check tickets, also provide a more choice for passengers, reduce the work pressure of personnel, and will be applied in more station occasions in the future.
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