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The value of the membership cash register system

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-25
For businesses, passenger flow is a very critical factor. The number of passenger flow directly reflects the number of passenger flow. The membership function of the cash register system, while ensuring the passenger flow, also enables consumers to maintain their loyalty, which means that the repurchase rate of consumers has been increased to a very high number. On the other hand, for consumers, they see all kinds of advertisements in different places every day. There are advertisements in elevators, printed flyers, and cards or notes on vehicles. Advertisement, or brainwashing video advertisement that circulates on the display of various businesses, consumers gradually find it difficult to find a business with high cost performance to consume. The problem of this dislocation is very simple, that is, it is very difficult for the seller to find a buyer, and it is also very difficult for the buyer to find a seller. The main reason for this problem is that there is no medium to establish trust relationship between businesses and consumers. The membership system of the interest way cash register system is exactly a mode of this kind of media. Let's explain in detail how to solve the membership problem of the cashier system. In the information age, a large number of product advertising information affects consumers. Consumers need to collect high-cost information from product identification to after-sales evaluation. From a business point of view, many companies distribute product information to people on the street aimlessly. This kind of marketing is not only costly, but also prone to confusion. Effective member marketing combined with the characteristics of their own products can avoid this situation. Enterprises narrow the marketing scope through alliance marketing, and the marketing goal is more targeted. In the five steps of purchase decision, franchise marketing has strong penetration and communication. In order to better carry out member marketing, we should use the online and offline marketing methods provided by the member management cashier system to strengthen the communication between enterprises and members, and between members and members; through member discount, we should enhance the awareness of members' products. Be able to cultivate customer loyalty. Affiliate marketing mainly plays a role of penetration. In the back-end of sales, that is, the purchase decision-making and after-sales evaluation stage, the member management cashier system plays a role of communication. The evaluation and communication among members not only strengthen the brand identity of purchasing members, but also show and attract non purchasing members. Through the membership system, customer loyalty can stand the test of time.
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