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The value of touch integrated advertising machine

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-21
Nowadays, in the Network Era where commercial advertisements are everywhere, the value of advertising machines is many interactive applications. In order to improve communication with consumers and better convenient services, gradually, the touch-integrated advertising machine is widely used to better and faster promote and display to consumers, so that consumer groups can get the information they want through simple touch operation, or handle simple business, the application of touch integrated advertising machine not only facilitates consumers, but also improves the service level of merchants. So, in addition to this, what other impressive performance characteristics does the touch-integrated advertising machine have? The touch-integrated advertising machine ① system adopts the perfect combination of intelligent Android operating system and reserved OPS interface. The value of the advertising machine is convenient for connecting various intelligent devices, and can be used interactively while expanding the dual system (Windows Android dual system) , Let the business be handled online, and ensure access to the government's intranet under safe conditions by increasing multiple outlets at low cost, and handle multiple businesses online through advertising machine inquiry software, provide users with independent handling functions, thus reducing the burden of business opportunities and improving the efficiency of business handling. 2 it has a front-mounted infrared touch frame, anti-light, anti-interference, high sensitivity, response speed, fast and combined with high-definition image processing engine: image motion compensation, color enhancement processing, point-to-point fine display technology, and simple operation with intelligent system; Let consumers get an efficient interactive use, and at the same time, let users receive interactive content better through high-definition display screen and interactive function. (3) The touch integrated advertising machine has built-in high-performance writing software. The value of the advertising machine can be written, translated, saved, annotated and erased under any interface, and the thickness of the pen can be changed at will, the color of the pen and the background enables consumers to interact with the merchant through any channel, gain the attention of the merchant, and further reflect a series of problems to the merchant, use faster means of communication to improve work efficiency. With the increase of people's leisure activities and tourism as well as the wide application of high and new technologies and the continuous popularization of touch-integrated advertising machines, advertising machines have become the new favorite of advertisers, its growth rate is much higher than that of traditional TV, newspapers and magazine media. The value of LCD advertising machine is mainly reflected in two aspects: the value of advertising Machine *: unlimited business opportunities. Because it is widely used ( It is mainly used in high-value commercial fields such as pedestrian streets, squares, museums, subways and airports) There are many aspects involved, and it can be applied anywhere suitable for outdoor advertising. Because of its leading technology, it has better display effect than LED in outdoor, clearer and more realistic pictures, which also gives people a deeper impression, deepens the advertising effect and indirectly improves the advertising efficiency. Touch one advertising machine second: low pollution. This is also one aspect that * can reflect its value. The value of advertising machine LeTV has cooperated with Samsung, a world famous LCD panel manufacturer, to use technology to reduce radiation *. In addition, it will not cause visual pollution. Nowadays, a large number of advertisements are put in China, but they do not pay attention to whether they can attract attention or not and whether they cause visual pollution. A large number of advertisements will only cause pollution and make people hate it. With this in mind, the products from production to design can be provided with different solutions according to different delivery locations to ensure that people are deeply impressed and never cause pollution. Touch integrated advertising machine
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