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The working principle and advantages of ptksai intelligent visitor

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-13
With the rapid progress of urbanization in China, the number of residential areas and building construction is also increasing, and the corresponding management problems are becoming more and more prominent. There is an endless stream of people entering and leaving the community and buildings every day, but the property management in many places still adopts the traditional registration method, that is, manual registration and entrance guard registration. The disadvantage of this method is that * because it is manual operation, the accuracy of input information cannot be guaranteed 100%; Second, due to the limitations of manual registration, there will be serious security risks. Once there is a problem, the personnel information is not comprehensive, and the consequences are unimaginable. Due to various limitations of manual registration, the introduction of intelligent visitor planes has become a trend in the management of residential areas and buildings. What is the working principle of the intelligent visitor? What are the main components of the intelligent visitor? Today, take the yikeshi intelligent visitor as an example. Ptksai intelligent visitor aircraft is mainly composed of document scanner, second-generation ID card reader, thermal printer, touch screen display and other parts. It has the main functions of automatic reading of second-generation ID cards, automatic extraction of ID information, issuance of cards, printing of reception orders, and automatic telephone dialing. Advantages of ptksai intelligent visitor 1. The design and operation of the touch screen all-in-one machine are all realized by the touch screen, which is simple, convenient and easy to master. Even those who do not understand computers can operate skillfully and successfully complete personnel registration and other related business processing. 2. The registration of the ptksai smart visitor can be completed within 20 seconds. The visitor's documents, photos, the visitor's carrying items, and the information of the accompanying personnel can be registered; It can capture photos of visitors, vehicles, carrying items, etc. , so that you can check them accurately when you go out. 3. Support automatic entry of multiple documents ptksai smart visitor aircraft supports automatic entry of valid documents such as second-generation ID card, first-generation ID card, passport, driver's license, etc. 4. After printing the barcode slip and issuing the temporary card registration, the ptksai smart visitor can print the barcode slip and hand it to the security guard for inspection and the respondent's signature. If the unit adopts or has a fast track, access control and other systems, it can issue a temporary pass to the visitor and automatically expire after going out. 5. Intelligent Identification and defense ptksai intelligent visitor can automatically record common information for future convenience and quick retrieval to avoid repeated entry. Wanted personnel and blacklists can be set up, and will be automatically prompted when such personnel visit in the future. 6. The automatic telephone dialing function ptksai intelligent visitor system can be connected to the telephone network, and can find and connect the interviewee's phone or mobile phone on the touch screen, saving the inquiry time and ensuring the interviewee's information accuracy. The phone number is treated confidentially. Ptksai intelligent visitor technical parameters power supply voltage use power supply: ac220v± 10PHZ input voltage: AC220V input power: <200W Size reading range: 127 × 17/19 LCD: 17/19 LCD touch screen: 10 million infrared screen other weight: storage capacity: more than IC/ID Card Modules: including telephone dialing module: including reading: read the second generation ID card chip information (Including the Ministry of Public Security Module). Judging from the current development trend of visitor planes, intelligence of visitor planes is essential. Active visitor management will be the mainstream of future development, and visitor management will become more intelligent and humanized in the future.
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