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There are hidden dangers in information security How will POS Cash Register ensure user information English

There are hidden dangers in information security. How will POS Cash Register ensure user information security?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-04
In this era of information fraud, information security is an important topic. ptksai always puts the information security of POS cash register in the * position. In August this year, about 20 well-known hotels in the United States encountered POS cash register information disclosure, which also caused concerns in the whole industry. From the user's point of view, backed by advanced technology, we continuously optimize the data protection system of POS cash register to eliminate all kinds of information vulnerabilities. In the Internet era, the network is a strong medium of communication. Information has achieved unprecedented rapidity and magnanimity with the network as the carrier, and these characteristics will continue to strengthen and increase. The hidden dangers behind the rapid development seem to be inevitable, ranging from personal data to national defense security. The harm caused by information disclosure is self-evident. The seemingly small POS cashier said that there will be countless customer payment information retained, so how can these data be saved to be truly safe and reliable? Information disclosure comes from two parts: one is malicious theft during operation, and the other is a vulnerability in the storage system. PtksaiPOS cash register is called to ensure the absolute security of information data. The secure data of POS cash register is stored in the internal storage module of the central processing unit, and the data operation is performed in its internal operation module. We avoid data storage and operation outside the central processing unit, thus completely eliminating the risk of security data being stolen. Intelligent POS cash register is called strict System Authority management; Perfect inventory management: Inquiry, analysis and review of inventory, Department inventory, commodity inventory, supplier's existing, etc; Personnel and salary management system; Sales information feedback, valuable, maintenance, warranty type in the mall (Such as mobile phones, laptops, gold and silver jewelry, etc); Sales records of commodities, perfect after-sales service and tracking service; Settlement method every night: automatically settle sales, purchase and transfer according to the whole shopping mall, department and category, so that you can be simple, efficient and accurate in data query and analysis; Various types of sales reports (Supplier, department, individual product); Perfect various front-end sales functions; Convenient allocation of goods between departments; Intelligent POS cash register has a powerful automatic ordering system; Alarm and order prompt for goods exceeding safety stock; E-mail delivery between users of the cash register system of intelligent POS cash register; Every industry will involve payment issues, and the safety of POS cash registers is a crucial line of defense for store operations. Only by allowing consumers to pay at ease, they can rest assured that consumption, this is the service tenet of ptksai.
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