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There are six major differences between Shenzhen Android visitor and Windows visitor?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-23
What is the difference between Android visitor and Windows visitor? There are more and more visitor products on the market, and many consumers are still unclear about the difference between Android visitor and Windows visitor. Below, let's briefly analyze the difference between the two: 1. Price difference because the motherboard of Windows is relatively expensive, the price of Android visitor is cheaper than that of Windows visitor. At the same time, Android visitor can also realize portable visitor registration. With the popularization of smart phones, everyone is more familiar with the operation mode under Android system. Android visitor is convenient to operate, the public has a higher acceptance of Android operation, and the training cost is lower, in addition, the cost performance is relatively high, so it is more favored by the general public. 2. As the name implies, Android visitor is a visitor management system based on Android operating system, and Windows visitor is a product based on Windows operating system. 3. Different operating methods Android is easier, maintenance is more convenient, and Windows system is more complicated. 4. The storage space of the Android visitor is small and can only be expanded by external SD card or U disk, while the Windows visitor can be expanded by the motherboard and CPU, and the storage space is larger than that of the Android visitor. 5. Emergency response ability Android visitor can continue to use in case of power failure because it can be equipped with its own battery. Windows can only be used when the power supply is connected. In general, in case of emergency, Android visitor has stronger emergency response capability. 6. Differences in power consumption and energy saving due to the large CPU power consumption of Windows visitor, Android visitor is relatively energy-saving and relatively energy-saving in daily use. Windows visitor has also been recognized by high-end users for its powerful data storage and processing functions. Application Industry visitor planes are widely used in places requiring registration, government agencies, institutions, campuses, petition departments, state-owned enterprises, science and technology enterprises, etc. Visitors are a special exchange column established by Yue visitors in order to popularize visitor knowledge and improve the professional standards of the visitor industry. Yue visitors are committed to the research and development of software and hardware in the visitor industry and have senior professional capabilities. This column aims to focus on hot issues in the industry such as the development trend of the visitor industry and the application of the visitor * Cutting-edge software and hardware technologies, carry out communication, interaction and sharing to promote industry communication and progress.
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