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Think fast day shop ready for convenience store cashier system, aimed at 6. 8 million traditional mom-and-pop stores

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-07
We have learned, now our country traditional mom-and-pop stores number nearly 6. 8 million, the overall annual sales of up to 10 trillion, same accounted for 40% of the entire retail shipments. These shops are mostly in the neighborhood, enjoying the natural capacity of large consumption, has become the most to adapt to the retail channel of one of the channels of FMCG. But on these large number of small shops, there is a very common problem, although stores occupies a very good position, but still more low operational efficiency, many also hire employees help business together, exactly what are the pain points? First, check the accounts. Business outlets, sometimes in the face of high frequency in and out of the running water, daily and monthly accounts must be able to check each quarter, and even store accounting is difficult, time-consuming, laborious and often error rate is very high; First, the inventory turnover time. Daily operation and good stores in and out of the goods is bigger, the goods inventory turnover period is short, couple of store inventory turnover period, sometimes up to two months, the pressure in the inventory of goods can't timely turnover, one is due to the direct economic losses from the loss of goods, the second is caused by long time pressure goods capital turnover difficulties; Third, purchasing, goods management is not up to standard. Commodity management and procurement procedures are not qualified, there is no scientific way of ordering and storing goods management, the overall operating efficiency is much lower. Fourth, hire people steal the creeping in. Hire people although original intention is to help business, but due to the complexity of practitioners, stores supervision does not reach the designated position, are sometimes steal internal employees turnover. In view of the pain points more than the traditional convenience store, shop ready for fast days, the cashier SaaS cloud software professional to provide efficient management solutions. Think fast days store nuclear convenience store cashier system supports various data report for queries, precise, fast and effective solution for accounting check the difficult and the error problem; Enters sells saves the function of the system is very powerful, the purchasing function can help to all suppliers of fine management, orders, inventory, check all routing, purchasing management, clear management more scientific; System also supports inventory alarm function, can store cashier system conveniently through the day, the stock can be set up early warning function, there is pressure or out of stock. The system timely alarm to remind, reduce unnecessary losses. In addition, the system also supports mobile phone APP store regulation, no matter where operators, system view can be anywhere by cell phone store business situation. This can prevent burglary.
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