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Think fast days inn restaurant cashier system, easily get stores management!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-07
In recent years, with the progress of the society and the development of science and technology, people's life quality is higher and higher, more and more people are the center of gravity from the previous eat satisfied to eat well, this makes the food industry in the rapid development of our country, almost every slight scale catering shops have a set of intelligent cashier management system. Cashier management system can not only help businesses with a clear understanding of the background data, enters sells saves the number of member management, and other functions, and opened at the same time can also report analysis of store sales, open the online payment, booking, group purchase, etc. Think fast day shop as a professional research and development of SaaS cloud system of enterprises, in the food industry's agriculture for many years, the development so far has a large number of loyal users. Think fast restaurant cashier system because of its applicability and cost-effective products to get the user's consistent approval. Restaurant cashier system as one of the secret weapon of food and beverage industry is necessary, think fast days inn restaurant cashier system has a very wide range of applicability, mainly is suitable for the fast food restaurant, restaurant, Chinese restaurant and western restaurant, tea shop, hotpot restaurant, sweet shop and so on, has the characteristics of these a few respects mainly: image: network 1, simple operation, easy to fit days inn restaurant cashier system to provide the food management, member management, sales management and other functions, provide cashier, food, water and other water analysis report for the query, feature rich but minimalist operation, without complex training can be started to use; 2, sweep WeChat yards order customers to scan the qr code, can be through WeChat self-help order order, can alleviate the pressure of the peak dining attendant, also can reduce store human cost; 3, candlestick, brand management day shop support desk, table provides open, and zhuo, qing, changing table, and other functions, a fast food restaurant such stores use can switch to the numeral management; 4, inventory management days stores catering system can also provide drinks inventory management, inventory report query support, convenience stores management; 5, mobile phone APP store order day restaurant cashier system can also support mobile phone APP order, different from the traditional order treasure, days inn support without professional dinner set, the waiter you just need to order mobile phone to download the APP for customer for order placing, loading operations such as the cashier, highly efficient and convenient.
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