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Think fast days store cashier system power clock in imperial cuisine shop become a web celebrity

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-06
A set of perfect system to a brand stores management, cash management, inventory management, member management plays a vital role. Think fast days store cashier, good solve the cake store water accounting is not clear, wu commodity management confusion, the boss can reduce the energy management, for the future number of stores to further expand software facilities ready ahead of schedule, for brand building to strengthen the foundation. 'Wu crisp born' mode of operation: chain-like alliance launched products: retail version star yao cashier system from Ming jiajing period, the court a treacherous court official cadastral records of jiangxi province was set up, and his family fled to his hometown in jiangxi province tiger mountain, because his family was in the palace for the queen mother make palace pastry, therefore in the dragon as a pastry business, which was the palace of the walnut cake technology transfer, the palace pastry loved by the people, which is famous. 。 。 。 。 。 Since the founding of new China early. Jiangxi oh people inherit the unique craft. Pass on from generation to generation, don't forget the beginner's mind opened a crisp palace pastry shop, wu business reputation. Generations consistent, healthy natural ingredients keep comfort handmade, insist on 60 years originality for a loaf of bread. Chinese trademark pattern brick and gray culture is tie-in, simple and plain, although not luxuriant decorate, but crisp fragrance from the shop, has become the diners to wu cake raw memory. Wu as changsha local pastry cake born to make brand, and to extend to the whole hunan changsha center and even the nation, let everybody can taste authentic Chinese palace pastry, became the new version of hunan web celebrity clock in points. Think fast days store cashier system to provide the solution 1. Store management function: the boss pay close attention to all stores operating conditions at any time, with days store function, not to miss any loopholes in management; 2. User management function: the manager and business personnel, an account by hand, clear responsibility, commission transparent employees work have passion, business efficiency is much higher; 3. Double screen features: let the merchants is flexible and convenient according to their actual promotion and new product to show, visual impact, make store sales in a timely manner to improve; 4. Think fast pay: payment security faster, accounts clear.
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