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Think fast days store fresh store cashier system operation easy to fit in for your store cashier management

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-04
Our common fresh stores generally with retail is given priority to, on the choice of system of cashier, will pay attention to efficient and quick. Of course there is a fresh stores, mainly wholesale primarily, in the aspect of system, you need to support the wholesale function. Case sharing: fresh store cashier system. “ With the development of the market, the choice of the cashier system although more up, but it is not easy to want to find a suitable or, find fast days store cashier system, and compared the final choice after several brands. Of course system is indeed very good, didn't let us down, using more than two months, whole feels good, operation, the school is very convenient. ” Zhang boss said! Jiang, wan-fu zhang safe meat is a pig products wholesale, retail, chicken products, hot pot, barbecue, frozen goods, fresh goods, secret enema wholesale and retail of fresh stores, therefore, mainly in the form of wholesale and retail business. Due to the product category is more, not easy to manage, so in order to better management of stores, on-line using intelligent fresh store cashier system is the best. Think fast days store fresh store cashier system of window function: 1 day shop wholesale, retail management function system to provide wholesale sales, wholesale customer accounts management, and other functions, can meet the mixed operation model of wholesale + retail store, is very convenient and management more efficient; 2, support all kinds of scales, cashier scale, fast days store fresh cashier software adapter supports common on the market all kinds of brand PC a body scales, pricing scales, barcode scale, choose hardware installed software can be used, we use is denominated in scale, docking is very convenient, convenient manual cashier too many times than before, also won't appear the wrong calculation. How to open a fresh stores management, first of all, on the choice of the cashier system to work, of course, fast days store cashier systems on standby, escort for your store cashier management.
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