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Think fast pay treasure easy access business group | 2020 wisdom pay jointly issued by the new scheme and pay the new ecological wisdom

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-07
On November 7, 2019, shenzhen, guangzhou software co. , LTD. , shenzhen easy access business group technology co. , LTD. , three combination alipay, dragonflies, 2020 held in shandong Qingdao wisdom pay new scheme joint conference. Think fast Xue Zhili Zhang Yuhong, easy to access business group general manager, general manager, pay treasure to brush a face IoT channel HongYi, Intel, head of global trading, general manager of the retail sector Alec Gefrides at the venue, to introduce 2020 agents from all over the country friends wisdom pay new hardware and software integration solutions. To assign stores brush face the members, the wisdom pay application scenarios, such as help partners to seize the opportunity to grab market dividends. Thought Zhang Yuhong fast general manager thought the newsletter, managing Zhang Yuhong expressed forum guests a warm welcome, recognition of partners. He offered to pay the confusion, there must be more competitive solution. Only integrated intelligent hardware, ecological docking platform, combining hardware, software and services closely, more competitive solutions. Retail department, general manager of Intel global trading Alec Gefrides retail department, general manager of Intel global trading Alec Gefrides thanks to easy access business group trust and conference invitation, in a speech purposely put on easy access business group work clothes for the meeting. From the new way of consumption, the software first, important mobile payment transactions, including retail trends around the world. Easily access business group general manager Xue Zhili Xue Zhili invited think fast access business group general manager, general manager of Zhang Yuhong, retail department, general manager of Intel global trading Alec Gefrides, pay treasure to dragonflies IoT channel HongYi, head of the joint conference jointly unveiled 2020 wisdom to pay the new scheme. The agent to pay for the new scheme is very interested in wisdom, photographic record new scheme, the scene atmosphere is very active. 2020 wisdom pay new plan & other; Tianma & throughout; Brush is face payment POS, wisdom, marketing integration solutions. “ Tianma & throughout; Scheme through the Windows/Android data communication, the realization of the retail data connectivity, increase efficiency, improve customer experience, precise membership marketing effective customer lock. Alipay brush face IoT channel HongYi pay treasure, head of the brush head face IoT channel HongYi from face recognition facing the light changes, makeup, age changes, such as challenges, multimodal biometric technology is analyzed and the financial level biometric nuclear body platform of high accuracy, high security, high stability. Based on constructing IOT equipment hardware and software of ecological, make distributors from operating/digital generation operating positions. Above: think fast Xu Xiaohai below for new retail division director: nanjing, newsletter marketing director Wang Feisi fast new retail division director Xu Xiaohai speech is paid ecological reconstruction, enjoy pay feast in the second half. He analyzed the pay treasure to the first half of cash dividend is Internet traffic is actually thinking. Pay treasure to the second half should in time of peace prepare for war, self-motivated, application products thinking, pay the marketing, namely marketing brush face. Nanjing, communications, marketing director, wang Cenozoic consumption demand is analyzed, the shopping experience. Think social retail formal opening times, put forward the social retail solutions & ndash; Easy to members. Easy member mini is build for the new generation in the shop. Whole scene membership marketing, effective operation; Marketing more scene, help stores to solve communication problem; Brand interaction, produce higher value. Strong-arm reaction of the red sea, create the future. 5 g communications, AI intelligence, brush the rise of face for the new technology, integration of online payment scenarios of explosive growth, marked the time has come for a wisdom to pay. Shenzhen newsletter software co. , LTD. , shenzhen easy access business group technology co. , LTD. , alipay dragonfly tight grasp opportunities, work together, give full play to its advantages, integrating resources to form resultant force. Make innovative business model for the adoption of the industry, to make win-win business model has become the developing direction of the industry. Wisdom pay, win-win cooperation, will bring new pattern, new atmosphere for the retail industry.
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