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Think fast star diners. 5 release, private cloud chain food and beverage management expert!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-06
Into & other; Flow pool & throughout; Thinking with a fission marketing new gameplay supports multiple formats, brand management more light stores, easy deployment, zero maintenance, highlight new member online marketing system, abundant marketing, strong employee motivation, precise member analysis, heuristic marketing design, make membership marketing easier and more flexible and more efficient. Supplier management system centralized management supplier, provide independent suppliers direct headquarters database platform, set up the passage between the supplier and the platform, make purchasing and settling more easily. Shop small treasure managers are not affected by time and space limit, real-time monitoring data, real-time management business, a store more than people management. Can realize store operation management, to the goods, receiving, inventory management, etc. Type mobile POS stores operating mobile POS direct headquarters, without having to build stores, snack car breakfast business more flexible, independent accounting more clearly. Formats, centralized management, brand management headquarters permissions allocated; Through the browser login background, easy management personnel to log in, real-time view of the business process and management; For different brand expansion in the stores, sales - Distribution - Settlement of integration management. Intelligent mobile Internet order small program: micro reliance to locate customers recently distribution outlets; As long as customers scan or search, can open the application order; Micro 3 restaurants. 0: booking, delivery, order and offline real-time through business, online consumption of the stored value card and prepaid phone; The third party platform: seamless docking meal, hungry yao, word of mouth; Mobile POS: move order, on-call, online order real-time remind processing, real time control of operating conditions. Boss assistant in WeChat end realize the function of report query, anytime, anywhere to see business monitoring, KPI analysis, business statistics, member reports. Domestic self-help customer self-service order settlement, support members, pay treasure, WeChat scan code to pay. Wisdom for screen provide sales data kanban, boss kanban kanban, kanban operation data, stores data, store advertising promotion. Necessary in restaurant chain, clear display real-time operating data, intelligent analysis booster business decisions! Second, convenient tools focus on distribution, process navigation pool distribution pool stores to goods, inventory shortage to automatically generate orders according to. Supply chain process navigation, make the supply chain business is more clear, quick entry operation more convenient. Classified modified heuristic parameters set parameters, facilitate business combined with the actual demand, to find the entrance, a quick setup, let stores deployment easier. Server management tools server monitoring, abnormal auto repair, auto SMS alarm function. Server environment integrated management tools, let the server monitoring and management easier. Stores system or environmental anomaly detection function for network, provides the self-check function, ensure stable operation of system. Stores system initialization wizard simplifies operation, easy to build the demo environment. Convenient configuration, easy to meet business needs. Rapid deployment, easier to implement. Three, suitable forms of composite type chain restaurants, restaurants, hot pot, western food, coffee shop, restaurant, casual dining, fast food, milk tea, baking etc. Conclusion: think the newsletter will, as always, to grasp the new trend of the development of food and beverage industry, industry leading products and solutions, and become a restaurant businesses realize the digital transformation of the booster!
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