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Top ten cashier systems with good reputation ranking in 2019

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-21
With the development of society, all walks of life are advancing vigorously. Every year and every quarter, unexpected things will happen, such as large quantities of new stores appearing in cities and small towns, of course, there are also many parts that withdraw from this market. In short, there are many possibilities. As a member of the cashier system software industry in the SaaS field, the year 2019 is about to pass, and it is necessary to resume the application of the cashier system in all walks of life from time to time. The following is a whole year's observation and analysis of some cashier system software with good reputation ranking. Nowadays, there are many cash register systems in the market. If you have a word of mouth, you really need to be different. 1. Sixun software Sixun software has been established for more than 20 years and has many well-known brand products, covering the three major industries of retail, monopoly and catering, as well as the two major fields of online purchase, sale and storage and cloud computing, provide professional smart store solutions for chain supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, shopping centers, chain brand stores, distribution, logistics and catering and entertainment industries, the application modes of its cash register system include B/S C/S, SaaS and so on, because it covers many fields and is also the first enterprise to enter the cash register system field, for example, it was the earliest time to develop supermarket cash register system for Wal-Mart, so it is said to be the leader in the field of cash register system. 2. Sixun tiandian Sixun tiandian is a subsidiary brand of Sixun. The whole process is Shenzhen Sixun Network Technology Co. , Ltd. The initial prototype is Sixun's independent cloud division. Due to its rapid development, as early as 2015, it operated independently, and the number of registered users increased from the initial dozens to the current 100,000 users. The store owner of Sixun day should focus on the cloud cash register system with SaaS mode and design the application of cash register system in retail industry and catering industry. The products mainly include retail standard cash register system and retail Star cash register system, retail mobile phone APP, catering cashier system, ordering APP, micro mall, small program, store newspaper, members, and other products, especially in the business super, at present, tiandian has been very successful. Among them, Xingyao edition cash register system is very powerful, and can be applied to chain, wholesale and large supermarkets. Of course, there is also the use of mobile phone cash register system. In addition to the most basic cash register, it can also check data reports, supervise stores, personnel management, inventory management, etc. Sixun tiandian cash register system software subverts the traditional software model and can be sold without filing. It Has Super innovative applications in 5000 commodities, Cloud Display, off-line sales and powerful invoicing functions, let bosses from all walks of life use peace of mind, peace of mind and worry. 3. Meituan Meituan mainly covers the catering field, such as ordering, cashier, take-out, kitchen management, etc. Due to the continuous development of the catering industry, Meituan has also made adjustments in the system structure, the market layout in the SaaS field has been increased. This shows that although the SaaS model has a good development prospect, the competition is also fierce. 4. Kemaike technology also has a development history of 20 years. Like Sixun, it is the first to enter the cash register system industry. Its products are also many and the fields involved are also relatively wide, b/S C/S mode SaaS mode and so on are involved, and the products are also used in retail and catering stores. In recent years, the development has also been relatively rapid, especially for customer information and invoicing, and has been working hard to continuously upgrade and progress to ensure the safety of users. 5. Deke Deke was established in 2016 and is a newcomer in the banking industry. Its cash register system is also a cloud cash register system in SaaS mode, focusing on the development and application of small and medium-sized stores. In addition to the retail and catering industries, its products are also involved in other industries, such as WeChat supermarket system. 6. Silver leopard Silver Leopard system is also a new generation of cash register system. So far, it is also divided into catering and retail. Compared with enterprises such as Sixun and Kemin, its catering is relatively good. Combined with the overall product, it is basically suitable for small and micro stores, and may not be suitable for chain stores. However, Silver Leopard cash register software is also a device for docking mainstream systems such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. 7. Two-dimensional fire two-dimensional fire was established in 2005, with its headquarters in Hangzhou, and its development process is also very early. It has direct branches in three cities across the country and also focuses on SaaS cloud computing, its product research and development direction is mainly the research and development and application of catering software system. At present, the cash register system includes different versions such as fashion edition, Fenghuo edition and lucky edition. Different versions of the software can meet the needs of different merchants. 8. Ke Ruyun Ke Ruyun was established in 2012. Up to now, it has been working hard for 7 years in SaaS field. Its research and development direction is mainly aimed at service businesses such as catering, retail and American industries, in addition to the support of software, it also provides the combination of hardware and software. Although this is not a combination of industry bright products, the market application is still acceptable. 9. Zhonglun technology Zhonglun cash register system software is also a rapidly developing enterprise at present, and its product application also involves many industries, such as supermarkets, restaurants, etc, the system itself integrates purchase, sale, storage and management, realizes the centralized management of headquarters, multi-level management organization and multi-store chain system, and combines its own technical strength, committed to providing software and hardware integrated solutions for small and medium-sized merchants. 10. Flash cash register system flash cash register is also a professional store cash register and management supplier and service provider in China at present. Its Service aim is to provide professional cash register and management solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. After years of continuous research and development and innovation, it has launched a free version of Flash collection and an enterprise version of cash register software. It mainly serves various industries such as Shangchao, catering, entertainment and service. The free version has relatively simple functions and is suitable for stores with little demand.
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